HP MV2 startup.sh

The MV1 had support for "startup.sh". This script was run at bootup. You may follow the following guide to add this feature to the MV2. Note that this is an experimental procedure, and if it is not done correctly may brick your MV2.
Step 1
# chmod 777 /etc/init.d/rc.bootup

Step 2
Now us the command "cp" to copy rc.bootup to a share.

Step 3
Add The follow lines to rc.bootup, starting at line 296. Once you add the lines, save the file.

if (file_exists("/startup.sh"))
Step 4
Using the Linux command "cp" to copy the new rc.bootup back to /etc/init.d/ .

Step 5
# chmod 755 /etc/init.d/rc.bootup

Now, when you reboot your MV2, rc.bootup will look for "startup.sh" in the root directory of your MV2. If startup.sh is found, it will be executed. Don't forget to give your startup.sh execution privileges. Best to just chmod 777 startup.sh and test it by hand to make sure the processes it is supposed to launch can be found in ps -ef.

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