Release notes for Media Vault firmware version



 Bug fixes:

- FAT32 disks are no longer listed as Foreign Disks on the disk settings page

- The HELP window now opens on top of the web UI window

- The Workgroup name can now be changed in User-based mode

- The Disk Settings page now correctly reflects the used data space on FAT32 and NTFS formatted drives greater than 100GB

- A NAS device name change is now correctly logged in the System Log in localized languages

- In some cases the media server was starting twice during startup. This has been fixed.

- The media server name now changes to match when the Media Vault name is changed

- Default user privilege levels are now correctly applied to newly created shared folders

- Fixed an issue that was preventing the creation of a mirror or JBOD on a Media Vault with a large amount of media files

- Fixed a bug that manifested while creating 12 character share names with password protection enabled

-Fixed an issues on the WebUI share browsing page that prevented a file from being downloaded in Firefox by right clicking the link and click “Save Link As”. 

- Un-checking the NTP server button now preserves all NTP addresses


Feature enhancements:

- Updated SAMBA to version 3.0.23d to support  Vista

- NTP addresses can now be IP address or a URL (e.g.,

-Added script (for those with Linux skills to add startup functionality)

- Update Zoneinfo database to support U.S. Daylight Savings changes (DST starts 2nd weekend in March, ends 1st weekend in November)

- NFS and CIFS are now split into separate checkboxes on the share management pages (NFS cannot be password protected)

- Hot plugging is now enabled on the second SATA drive (this is only intended for non-mirrored volumes, remember to 'Safely Remove Disk' before removing).

- “Top” is now enabled in busybox (this is a process status monitor useful if logged in via Telnet)

- Added LFS support.

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