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HP Media Vault Model Comparisons

 HP Media Vault Generation 1 & 2 Comparisons

  Generation 1 (MV1) Generation 2 (MV2)
Models MV2010, MV2020, MV2040* MV2120, MV5020†, MV5140*, MV5150*

First Customer Shipment Date October 2006 April 2008
Storage Capacity as Shipped Model number mv2010 mv2020 mv2040 (Pro) mv2120 mv5020 (Pro) mv5140 (Pro) mv5150 (Pro)
# drives x capacity 1 x 300 GB 1 x 500 GB 2 x 500 GB 1 x  500 GB 2 x 500 GB 2 x 750 GB
Size 13"L x 4.3"W x  9.4"H 9.6"L x 5.5"W x 5.4"H
Drives one internal, one removable magazine one internal, one removable magazine
Weight (with 1 drive) 11.3 lbs 7.1 lbs.
Capacity Limit 1.2 TB 4 TB††
Internal drive type supported SATA 7200 rpm SATA 7200 rpm
USB 2.0 ports 3 (2 back, 1 front) 2 (1 front, 1 back)
Networking 10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ45 10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ45
FTP server yes no
Print server yes no
NFS server yes no
CIFS/SMB server yes yes
iTunes Server hackable** yes, installed at factory
HP Photo Webshare application for remote photo sharing no yes
NTI Shadow (file-based backup) yes yes
NTI Drive Backup!  (disk image backup) yes for all models yes (for mv5100 series only)
Spare Backup CD (on-line backup software) yes (for mv2040 Pro only) yes (for mv5100 series only)
CPU Broadcom SOC 4785 MIPS-based 300 MHz Marvel SOC  ARM9-based 500 MHz
Internal Operating System Linux 2.4 kernel Linux 2.6 kernel
BIOS Broadcom CFE (common firmware environment) uboot
Internal Memory 64 MB 128 MB
Internal File system Reiserfs Ext3
Power Supply 108W internal 115/230VAC switchable 65W external (18.5V DC) 115/230VAC HPPN DC359A
Mirroring (RAID-1) yes, with multiple types of partitions allowed on each drive yes, 1 partition only.  If drives are mis-matched, it will create a simple volume on left over portion of one drive.
Volume resizing/reconfiguring after initial setup yes no
Remote Access with some manual config TZO DNS
DLNA server Syabas (Twonky hackable**) Twonky
Mirrored OS no yes
Startup script for customizing yes ?
Telnet available ssh (password protected with admin password)
Direct Backup to USB-connected drive no yes
Latest Firmware Version

* Media Vault Pro models are targeted at small business customers.  In the case of the mv5020, mv5140 and mv5150, they include NTI Drive Backup, a drive image backup program on the installation CD.  The Pro models also include a CD with Spare Backup (a subscription-based offsite backup service).

** Please note, the MV1 and MV2 use completely different hardware and internal software/firmware.  If you're going to hack either of them, please be aware of the differences because the procedures for one will not work on the other.  Also, since the MV2's root file system is writable unlike the MV1 which keeps the OS files in a non-writable partition, it's much more dangerous to hack the MV2.  The firmware reflashing utility for the MV2 is now available but it overwrites data on the drive when used, so if you screw up your MV2 while hacking it, your data is at risk.  In the case of the MV1, there is a safety feature that allows you to break a link to any modifications you've made with a hard reset.  That feature doesn't exist in the MV2.

The MV5020 Pro is a European SKU introduced in Sept 2008
4TB limit is with 4-1TB drives, 2 internal, 2 USB. There is a bug that prevents drives larger than 1 TB from working with the MV2

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