Sunday, August 08, 2004

Thanks for the update on our missing classmates Chuck. I hope that everyone else is having a good summer and staying out of jail. I just got back from my annual pilgrimage to Oshkosh, WI for the big airshow/convention. This year I got to fly there in formation with a few other canard aviators and we were able to park and camp next to each other. My friend Marc Zeitlin had quite and adventure this year. He had intended to do a 3 week tour of the U.S. in his Cozy MK4 culminating in his Oshkosh visit, but because of mechanical and weather problems only made it through about half of his intended itinerary. But he got the most important parts, that is to Colorado and then to Oshkosh :-). You can read about his adventure here. If you'd like to see a large library of Oshkosh pictures, my friend Rick Maddy in Denver has a bunch of them on his website. The picture above shows 3 Cozy MK4's (4-place planes). My LongEZ (2-place) is the svelte one (perhaps too svelte) one on the right.


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