Friday, March 14, 2008

Holy Mackerel!

Man! has it truly been that long? Have I been asleep at the switch? Most humble apologies, gang. Life here in the Empire State is creeping along. I'm getting ready to journey south to West Palm Beach the week after Easter in search of sun, surf, relaxation, the company of cousins, and many hot or cold toddies... It's been a long year. My church is mergin with our sister parish, and it's not really clear if I'll hold my job. I'm leaving it to the Holy Spirit.
On a musical note, I'm in the process of co-writing music for a 2nd CD to follow up In the Shadow of the Cross. I've got about 6 new songs, and am always looking for new ideas. I'm also looking into Public Domain songs. If you have any favorites, I'd love to hear from you. I'll entertain any ideas...
Everyone is doing well family-wise. We are expecting our 3rd grandchild in the fall. Not expected, but you've got to take what the Lord gives you to nurture and love when He deems it so.
Still very much a part of Just Us, and hoping to stay that way for a long time. We really sound great. If you're in Endwell, NY on June 20th this year, we'll be playing from 7-11 at my church bazaar. People keep asking us back. We must be doing something right. I'm also looking forward to playing at our 50th birthday celebration in July of 2009!
I have so much to be thankful for... What a great foundation in life to have the experience of knowing people such as you. Say what you want to, but we WERE truly special. I don't think I've ever felt closer to so many people. There were 181 of us in 1977, and I really think that we all got along wonderfully! It's true that we had our certain groups, but we were all cordial and respectful to each other for the most part. Nothing in the realm of the Columbine situations of today.
We were and still ARE truly blessed to have each other, if it's in memories alone. Hope to see or hear from you soon.



Blogger Picks By Pat said...

Have fun in West Palm Beach! And congrats on the new grandchild...I've got two now, and they are both a joy.

Mon Apr 14, 09:46:00 PM PDT  

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