Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Karen

This is a message from Karen Leonardi.

Hello Everyone,

Recently I had the opportunity to visit our website and noticed that there has been no postings on our website blog lately, so in an attempt to keep our website (that Lee has worked so very long hours to create and maintain) I am posting a blog and for me this is long overdue. For those that have sent , called or offered condolences regarding my mom, I thank you. I also thank Lee for adding the recent obituaries to the website as I did not know of a few that appeared there. It appears that Iím not alone with a great loss and sadness this year, especially with the Thanksgiving Holiday being next week and the Christmas Holidays right around the corner, there have been many losses of parents, but there is a good part, we are all still here to pass on what our parents and teachers taught us, itís called Traditions.

I am most saddened by not seeing any recent pics of Jayís grandson Aidan, thereís an oldie from one of our old blogs, who knows, maybe heís in grade school, or possibly high school by now, but it wonít be Bishop OíReilly, now did I say that, who knows, maybe heís in preschool and has a little girlfriend by now, It would be nice to see new pictures of Aidan and any other grandchildren he may have increased in the Tobias household, even recent Halloween pictures would be nice. I would really like to see some happy and uplifting stuff by now, It would be nice for a change. Aidan if you see this, please tell Grandpa Jay we need to see some new pictures of the first grandchild of the Class of 1977, maybe some others would post and we can all pass on our Traditions to Aidan. Jay, Aidan is soooo cute, how could you not add newer pics, bad grandpa.

For all others that have not posted, I know thereís facebook out there too, I recently added my name, but I still come back to this website, itís like going back home and you never get bored of it. Even though it sounds like Iím singling Jay out, but I'm not, no one is free of this, Bruce & Beverly, címon, get with the program, Iím sure everyone would love to hear and see pictures of Adam, heís doing great, but Iíll let them tell us more, our 1977 Class is so great, we could have a good little soap opera going on here, Iím sure Mark Hession could tell a lot, anyway, Iím waiting to hear from all of you and Aidan, Iím waiting for a new picture!!!!

Hmmmm, maybe I should have written all of this to Sister Heloise??????

PS: Happy Thanksgiving EveryoneÖCluck, Cluck!!!


Blogger Lee Devlin said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your posting. If anyone else wants to post, let me know am I can get you set up to do it automatically. And commenting is always welcome too.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Sorry about the lack of updates. I guess I've just been slacking off and have no good excuse. Perhaps using Twitter and Facebook have reduced my attention span to that of a gnat and I can't write more than a few hundred characters without mental exhaustion. :-)

Thu Nov 19, 06:58:00 AM PST  
Blogger John said...

Sorry folks. I'll get new pictures out soon. I've been a busy church guy for quite a while now and things should be settling down in the near future. I echo Lee's wishes to everyone for a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tue Nov 24, 04:09:00 AM PST  

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