Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Today Joe Petrasek sent me this photo of the Rush concert at Red Rocks just outside Denver. I wrote in the blogger about that concert about a month ago. As you know, cameras are forbidden at concerts so it was nice to find a cache of photos on the Rush website of the Red Rocks concert that I attended so I made sure to download a few of them to my computer as momentos ;-). Thanks for the tip, Joe! Rush just had a concert in Scranton last week (Aug 7th) so if you missed it, you can't blame me, because I let you know about that back in June.

I got a call from Kati Wood Gardner the other day to tell me that she and her family are getting settled into Boulder. I met with Kati for dinner last month during her vacation/house hunting trip while she was in Boulder and am still amazed at how fast she was able to find a house and move the whole family from California. Terri and I look forward to getting together with Kati and her family for dinner and perhaps take a hike around the Flatirons mountains, which are just up the street from her new home.

I've included a few pictures of the Flatirons below. You can click on any image to get a bigger one. These mountains absolutely stunning in their beauty and they give the city of Boulder its unique backdrop.


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