Sunday, September 17, 2006


It's not often that you get your picture on the cover of book written your by favorite musician but apparently I've been bestowed this significant honor. Neil Peart, the drummer and lyricist for the legendary rock group, Rush, who I've written about on this blog before, has put my face is on the cover of his newest book. Granted it's rather small, but if you look into the crowd on the photo above, I appear about 2/3 of the way up the amphitheater just about 15 seats from the right. :-)

I've read Neil's other books and have enjoyed them thoroughly, especially Ghost Rider, a book that converted me from a Harley rider into a BMW rider. Neil is aware of this fact because I mentioned it to his agent, when I was negotiating for an amazing animation video made by one of his fans for bundling with a product that HP is just about ready to ship. You can see the video here. Unfortunately, the video won't be in the product; we had to settle for a Matt Damon movie.

I tried to send out the reunion message that I posted here last week on the blog, but for some reason it failed, probably because Comcast didn't like the 70+ email addresses in the BCC field. So I tried again today via my Yahoo account and I think it worked. I've had three bounced messages so far due to bad email addresses. I suspect that after a few years, there are a lot of you with new email addresses so I'll probably get a few more. Please let me know if you if you have a new or preferred email address so I can update you on our list.


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