Thursday, November 28, 2002

I just got an email from Dave Serhan thanking me for the CD which brought back many fond memories for him. As some of you know, Dave and I were roomates at Penn State and so he endured my Rush addiction (played at punishing volumes levels, no less) like the soldier he is and commented on my restraint in not having included a single one of their tunes on the compilation CD. I guess next time I need to figure out a way to stuff the ballot box or limit the selection . If anyone who hasn't gotten a CD wants one, let me know because I've still got a few left.

Dave also sent me some photos, one of which is an x-ray of some hardware he had installed to correct an old back injury. Don't worry, it won't freak you out and make you lose your appetite for all those Thanksgiving treats you'll be eating today. I found it fascinating. I put it on its own page so you can proceed at your own risk.

Have fun tomorrow night and make sure to report back here about your 'mini-reunion'!

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Awesome poem, Homer! Keats, Longfellow, Byron, and maybe even John Uter would be proud! Happy Turkey Day, bud! Ann Marie, the spirit is very powerful, and we'll raise a flagon or two to all of you who can't be with us. You will be with us in SPIRIT, however! At a time when giving thanks is the thing to do, I'm thankful for the good fortune of knowing all of you.

Nice poem Rich. *laughter*
Today, I pray that all of you will be blessed with joy, love, peace, and happiness. I have so much to be thankful for. Thanksgiving has always been such a special day for my family wherever we are. My husband has even taken off work tomorrow to thank God for our blessings and to celebrate.

May God bless all of you and your families. Eat lots of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and all the other good foods. Enjoy each other and your families.

Enjoy Friday evening. I will be there in spirit.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Like Arlene and Jay have said, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I know you guys will all have a great time at the Elks Lodge on Friday. I only wish I could be there .

As most of you know, I've had a survey (which was Mike Laton's suggestion) to solicit your input for the next big reunion and 30 of you have voted and right now, half of you want a party at Tom Crossin's house, 36% want an informal outdoor activity at a grove and only 14% want a formal dinner/dance like we had this year. So I've added another poll to see when it would be best to schedule it. Since it looks like it will be outdoors, I thought that a fall or winter date wouldn't work, so that leaves the summer. We could try to do it over a holiday weekend like July 4th or Labor Day , but we know that some people couldn't make it on Labor day this year so now you can vote for your preference. It's on the main page and feel free to give your input.

I've gotta second that emotion, Arlene! HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYONE!

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I, too, will be cooking up the traditional dinner for my family. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

I just updated the main page and I'll send out an email to everyone on our email list so people know about this mini-reunion. I think it will be a fun time and hopefully will give some of those that were unable to make it to the main reunion a chance to see a few dear old friends again!

Hi Everyone,
Now Lee, you scoped me out, there was a reason for the mini reunion in Pringle, I could still drink and wouldn't have to worry about driving home, just walk, no DUI here, sorry, too close to Xmas and I don't have a few grand to give the government. You are right Ann Marie, it is definitely magical when it snows up here on the mountain, the problem is getting down when it's icy. I personally think it's magical all year especially at night with all the lights, I have a gorgeous view of it in my own backyard. Lee, I too will be bringing a camera, just bought some film recently and I promise to get you the pics asap, who knows, maybe some new faces will appear. There are no invitations or calls being made, so you snooze, you lose. I haven't received any e-mails, except from Sabrina who will be there, no phone calls either, but lots of promises, either way, it should be a fun time. If I can, I will try to make some calls in the next few days.

Monday, November 25, 2002

I'm bringing my camera, Lee. A Christmas-time get-together sounds great! Count me in!

I agree with you Lee on the panoramic view in Pringle. I used to love being up there when it snowed. The valley always looked so magical.
I'm with Lee on the interest in getting together for these mini reunions. I really enjoyed all the pics and hearing all the updates on everyone. I myself have been quite lazy and have not scanned any pics. My Christmas wish is a digital camera...I hope Santa has good reports on me being a good girl this years and brings me one to play with. I've been browsing the web and making my decision. So hopefully I will have some pics to send to Lee to post.
How's everyone been doing? From watching the blog it looks like everyone is busy these days getting ready for the holidays. I would imagine the valley is looking pretty nice about now. Lights and decorations getting ready for Thanksgiving. No matter how they try down here, Christmas is just not the same. It's 84 degrees out, feels like 94 and the lights and what not are never the same.
We're having Thanksgiving dinner here. Traditional of course. No goat, lambi or any other exotic dishes. Even pumpkin pie. We have a winner here this year! So many years before I haven't been able to get one thing or another. Again, it's still not the same as being home.
Any other plans for a mini reunion over Christmas? How is everyone doing?

I think it's wonderful that there's so much interest in getting together for this next 'mini-reunion' in Pringle this Friday. My grandmother grew up in Pringle, within walking distance of the Valley View Inn (of course, what isn't within walking distance in Pringle, provided you don't mind climbing hills ). As some of you remember, I posted her pierogi recipe in an earlier blog. I also posted a link to some postcards she and other family members received over 90 years ago at her Pringle address. Karen Leonardi lives in Pringle, as do several other members of our class. And, of course, many of you grew up in Pringle. It's hard to find a place that has a better panoramic view of the Valley on the west side than Pringle.

So I am disappointed that I have to miss out on this 'mini reunion', but we should be back in the Valley for Christmas so hopefully there will be some interest in getting together then. Maybe we can get together in Swoyersville, on Slocum Street, my old stomping grounds, where you can throw away your car keys and still be within walking distance to more bars than you can shake a stick at . We can start at Sid's and if that doesn't suit us, wander down to Dicko's and then on to Boylan's and even Knobby Walsh's. Perhaps the names have changed, but the atmosphere and patrons will look familiar and become eerily quiet as we enter the door and they look at us 'newcomers' with a combination of suspicion, amusement, and delight, a behavior I remember from the 'regulars' from way back when.

All I can ask is that one or two of you take some pictures that we can share here on the website.

Saturday, November 23, 2002

You have my undying gratitude, Homer... I'm glad somebody cares about the economy! I'll leave things in your capable hands...

I'm really looking forward to this mini reunion. Will do my best to be there. We decided to go to Georgia over the X-Mas Holiday to see my sister. Haven't seen her since last X-Mas. She used to be Homer's neighbor back in Swoyersville. I know I had mentioned the New Years Eve party at Holy Trinity, but now I won't be here. But if anyone is still interested in going for another mini reunion, I would be happy to help out with the arrangements. Let me know.

Friday, November 22, 2002

I am fairly certain my bride and I will be attending the post T Day gig

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Hello everyone, looks like a nice turnout for the day after Thanksgiving, I just received an e-mail from Sabrina Baynes, she couldn't make our reunion weekend, however, she is looking forward to the mini reunion. Just to drop a few names, Chuck Brennan is going to be there along with Mike Laton, Tom Crossin, a maybe from Arlene, myself, I think I heard Brian Judge will be there too, I do believe I heard a definite from Rose Vnukowski Garrity along with Helen Savinski Neylon, we can't forget our Ladies of The Church, along with our own Grandpa Jay. If you don't know how to use the blogger yet and maybe not even e-mail, my husband is still learning that, you can call me at (570) 287-4598, you in all probability won't talk with me, but to my answering machine which I can't live without, and let me know that you're planning on attending. Remember the dress code is casual and it's a cash bar, but the drinks are not at all pricey as this is a private club. So come on out and have some fun after all the bargain hunting during the day. Grandpa Jay, if you want, bring your guitar, it couldn't hurt, don't know if you can play it, but I'll find out during the weekend. If you have any ??, please feel free to call me or e-mail me at

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Homer, are you still out there lurking in the sunshine? I would say shadows, but I don't think there are any in Florida!

Doc, I'm looking forward to seeing you, old buddy! Maybe I'll even bring my guitar with me! What do you think, Karen?

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

The meeting place sounds great - thanks for scoping it out Karen! Disney was fantastic - I think it might be the best vacation we have ever taken - the Disney people know how to do it up!

Monday, November 18, 2002

Lee, I'll bring my camera, and try to send pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it to our little shindig! It'll be fun! Beer, bar food, and good friends... Sounds like a winning combination!!!!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Hi Karen and everyone. I'd really love to meet up with everyone again at the Valley View Inn, but I don't think we'll be back in the valley for Thanksgiving...but maybe for Christmas... If we were there for Thanksgiving, you can bet we'd attend! It sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe some of you who were unavailable during the Labor Day weekend for the reunion can have a sort of 'mini reunion'.

I just exchanged email with Arlene and she was wondering about the reunion CD to be shipped to about half a dozen classmates who paid the deposit but were unable to make it to the reunion. I just packaged them up and if you're on that short list, you should have received your memory book and will get your CD in a few days. Sorry for the delay.

7pm sounds fine to me, Karen! Here's a big hug for doing all the prlim work!

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Hello Everyone. Just to let you know the date is set for the day after Thanksgiving if you want to once again reminisce during the Holidays. The place is now set, it will be at the Wyoming Valley Elks Lodge on Evans Street in Pringle, PA-the former O'Leary's or Valley View Inn. If you plan on attending please either post a message here or e-mail me at so that I can have an idea of how many will be in attendance, as far as the time is concerned I figure I'll leave that up to Grandpa Tobias, the time should be at least 7p.m. or later, Jay you decide for all of us. Just to let everyone know it's casual and no frills, and pay for what you drink/eat, just like VP, except not a crowded restaurant. Well everyone let me know if you have any ?? or just to let me know if you're planning on attending. Just to let everyone know, the beer will be cold, the owner/manager told me that it's kept at 37 degrees. Please post so that others will know if you're going to be there, that might be their final decision to attend. Lee I know you and Terri have been to Wyoming Valley a number of times this year, but what's one more, think about it.

Monday, November 11, 2002

Doc... I hope that you're still coming in after your "fun in the sun"! It's gonna be a great time no matter how many of us show up! We're all party animals at heart anyway! I hope YOU'RE still in, Chazcop! We can drown our "Golden Domes" in sorrow over the Boston College loss! (ha ha).

Sorry Arlene! I had something come up at the last minute.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

Hi all. I've been enjoying reading all of your messages. I will do my best to be there the day after Thanksgiving. Jay, I was looking for you today. I went to the play at O'Reilly. I was really impressed, not that I'm partial since my niece was in it. It was beautifully done!

Karen, that sounds like a fantastic idea! It will be great to see those of us that can make it! Count me in!

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Thanks for thinking of me Karen. *warm smile* But I will not be there. As I told you before I am taking my vacation during Christmas. We bought the tickets today. We'll be in Orlando from the 19th through the 7th of January. A well deserved and much earned holiday. As with Doc, I;ve never been to Disney, neither has my husband or my youngest son. Our other three children have been there loads. We are doing all of Orlando as we will be there. I am really looking forward to going!
Enjoy the mini-reuinon all. I will be there in spirit.

Hello Everyone. You will definitely be missed Doc, have a nice time in Disneyworld, can we all go with you??? Well here's a possible game plan for the day after Thanksgiving, how does the Wyoming Valley Elks Lodge sound, it's new, it's located on Evans Street in Pringle, it was previously called the Valley View Inn and after that O'Leary's and it does have ice cold beer, it's a private club but I received a go ahead for the Day after Thanksgiving. I'll receive written notification tonite. I've been in there once since the Elks Lodge took over, and it's really done over very nicely, inside and out, totally different from O'Leary's. The Elks Lodge does serve Bar Food as well. It will be pay as you go, the same as VP, only we'll have a little more privacy. Let me know what the consensus is everyone, who knows, maybe Ann Marie Tribendis will stop by or maybe Tom Crossin with a plan for the 30th Reunion, ya never know.

I do not think I will be missed over the next 10 days or so - but please do not expect any responses from me - we are taking the kids to Disneyworld tomorrow - we are all very excited - they have never been there (in fact, it is the first time on a plane for them). I'll check in when we return (18th) - adn see what y'all have concocted for Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Karen, you are an angel of mercy, as ususal! Thanks for the pics...

Hello Everyone. Just a note to let everyone know that I may have a really nice place to meet for the day after Thanksgiving and Jay I'm told this place has the coldest beer on the West Side of Wyoming Valley, however, I'm still working on it. I'll let everyone know for sure in the next few days.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Sometimes I wonder what I am missing. I can never finish Citizen Kane. I've always found it boring. The same with Ernest Hemmingway. I find a lot of his work to be boring. I like some of his short stories, but the rest...blah.

Ding, Ding, Ding! Give Rob a cigar. Rosebud is, in fact, a reference to the enigmatic line from Citizen Kane. Citizen Kane is considered one of the greatest movies ever made, although I didn't get that impression of it the first time I saw it. However, I later saw another film about the movie called RKO 281 - The Battle over Citizen Kane and then began to understand the significance of the film, which was a thinly-veiled movie about the life of William Randolph Hearst. Citizen Kane and its director, Orson Welles, also figure prominently in a movie called 'Ed Wood'. Ed Wood is a film about a Hollywood film maker who is considered to be the worst in movie-making history. Imagine being so bad at something that they make a film about it !

Monday, November 04, 2002

I was kind of partial to Bill the Cat myself, Niz! (PHHHHT! AAAACKKKK!!!!)

Doc may have the correct answer, but i've got another. "RoseBud" was a character in the "Bloom County" comic strip written by Berk Breathed back in the '80's. She was a "basselope", a cross between a bassett hound and an antelope. The strip was well known for its political satire, and its main character was a penguin named Opus.

Rosebud is the sled's name that "Citizen Kane" utters on his deathbed

Sunday, November 03, 2002

Is Rosebud the rabbit? Or is the sentence what Bailey is thinking as he stares out the window?

I changed the headliners today because we have to have some fresh material once in a while or people will stop coming back to visit. I put together a few photos of our recent snow here in Colorado. I love the snow. I might have to go look for RoseBud. Let's see if anyone can figure out the meaning of that last sentence.

Friday, November 01, 2002

Karen... Maybe one of the fire companies with a bar would host it for a real cheap price. Maybe we could rent a designated bus to drive us around. If there were enough of us, we could pool our resources. Even limo companies are not really busy that time of year. Maybe we can get some quotes. I'll check with a friend that I have up here... Peace to you all... Jay

P.S. Go Notre Dame Fighting Irish!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!

Chuck... It will be on Friday the 29th. It seemed like Friday would be best to relax with a cold one after battling all of the shoppers that day. Place still to be determined. Maybe you guys can suggest a place. I haven't been around for awhile. Doc seems to think that the west side of the river would be good. Any suggestions would be welcome...

Talking of a holiday get together? I'm in baby! Let me know when and where..I'll be there....just need a little advance notice so that if I'm working that evening I can arrange to take the nite off....keep me posted..thanks