Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Good Shepherd Academy

This photo was sent to me by Chuck Brennan. The new name is already in place...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Missing classmates

The reunion committee has been working diligently trying to track down missing classmates. We have been using a recent class list from BOR, Karen's 2002 list, Google, Switchboard, friends, family members and will turn to psychics next, I'm sure. Now that Michael has mailed out the invitations, he's starting to get a few of them returned, so please help us if you know the whereabouts of the following people:

Martina Dicton Gaetano (found as of 7/25/2007)
Carol Potomis Kopicki
Donna Reese
Christine Ritchie (found as of 7/29/2007)
John Roach
Barbara Asher Salo (found as of 7/29/2007)
Donna Shatkoski
Karen Krishunis Shemanski
Patti Nowicki Shovlin (found as of 7/29/2007)
Karlene Wagner (found as of 7/29/2007)

You can email me or Michael Kinney with any details you might have.



Friday, July 20, 2007

New Bishop O'Reilly Blog

I've got an email from Raphael Micca about a new blog and website he's organized for all Bishop O'Reilly alumni and I recommend you check it out and follow the links. It's a regular walk down memory lane. I've permanently linked it to this page over on the left hand side, but here's the link if you'd like to visit. Make sure to bookmark it!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blog activity...

I started this blog just prior to the last reunion and for a while it had a lot of activity from various class members but lately it's just been me along with an occasional posting from Jay. Anyone with a Blogger ID can post here and I have a link on the left hand side entitled 'tips on posting here', which has the information on how to post here. After you get your Blogger ID, email me to let me know what it is and I'll add you to the group so that you can post. I think some of you who used to post here have forgotten your IDs or passwords so if that's the case, get a new one and let me know what it is and I'll add you back in to the group.

It would be great to read some postings here by people other than myself!! :-)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Found souls....

We are inviting a few people who were members of our class but did not graduate with us to the reunion. In some cases, these people spent the majority of their years at one of the Catholic feeder schools and then at BOR but transferred to another school before graduation. I have always been curious about what happened to them and would like to know where they are now.

Jim Sawchak, who spent a total of 10 years at St. Johns and then BOR, contacted me through Classmates.com and I've been emailing him about the reunion and other events. I told him that due a lift in the restrictions about who can attend, he's welcome to join us and we'd be happy to have him at the reunion. He's living in Delaware now and is very curious to know what has happened to the rest of us.

In addition to Jim, we also have Cynthia (Williams) Leonard who went to BOR from 7th through 10th grade who would like to attend. Perhaps some of you remember her.

John Simonitis, who attended Sacred Heart and then BOR for most of his academic career, will also be invited.

Let me know if you want the contact information for these people and I'll send it to you. If you know of others you'd like to see attend the reunion and can help me with their whereabouts, please email me.


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Daily Rush fix

Joe Petrasek has asked for a new feature for our weblog, and I must say it's quite good. I will periodically post a Rush video here for your enjoyment. You could have seen them yourself in Scranton because they were there about a week ago, on June 29th, yet I heard not a single report from anyone on how well you liked the concert.... You all did go, right?

I'll be at the Rush concert in Denver on August 8th, this time sitting (actually, most likely standing with arms flailing) in ROW 8. The last time we saw them there in 2004, I ended up on the cover of Neil Peart's book, Roadshow. My friend Mike has since digitally enhanced the photo to make it easier to pick me out of the crowd so you should check out that link even if you've seen it before.

It was the erstwhile Bob Wanat who first introduced me to the group way back in 1976 and I've enjoyed them immensely ever since.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Reunion request

Dear Fellow Bishop O'Reilly Class of 1977 Classmates:

We will have a 30th Class Reunion on September 29, 2007 at R & D Memories (former St. Michael's Hall) on Fellows Ave in Hanover Township. Our Class Reunion Committee has some questions we would like your assistance with:

1. Do you have any interest in attending? Interest or definite?
2. Your current mailing address, this is to keep us up to date.
3. Any addresses or our fellow classmates. Also to keep us up to date.

I hope all of you can help us with this request. Because time is short, I felt this would be the best way to contact those whose email addresses we have and hopefully gain more so everyone will be aware of our 30th Reunion.

You can email Lee at lee810@yahoo.com or me at fishfishr@juno.com or by phone (570)-821-0464.

Thank you,
Michael Kinney