Saturday, August 31, 2002

Ann Marie; Those were truely special thoughts that you expressed. As I attended the mixer at VP last night it made me so happy to see all the faces again. For as much as you think things have changed it is amazing how much really stays the same. Everyone really looks wonderful and just so you know you were missed. I hope you think of us often and we will you.

Friday, August 30, 2002

Ann Marie... Thanks for those words. I don't think that any one of us could put it any better. Peace to you and all those whom you love. (I hope that includes your fellow classmates).'s Friday evening around 10:00. Thoughts of all of you all are with me. I can hear the laughter, the joy, the surprise, the teasing, the jokes...the reminising. It's been a good evening. Friendships are being renewed, some will be healed, those not there are being missed. All in all life is good.

My thoughts drift to our children. A lot of us have children, neices, or nephews, (Rob has younger siblings) almost or the same age as we were 25 years ago. Seeing their parents with schoolmates and hearing all the antics their parents did in school will be a real eye opener for them. They will see their parents in a different light.

25 years ago we were all just beginning our lives. We didn't know what the future held for us. Some of us have achieved our goals, others followed paths much different from our original dreams. Some of us are still dreaming.

There's one striking image that stands out in my mind as I read through the biographies and blogs...we've turned into responsible adults. The mentors we had during those years at O'Reilly did make a difference.

The morals and values our parents and teachers taught us did make an impression in the end.

As you all enjoy this weekend you will be in my thoughts. Sometimes it will be fleeting, other times it will be as if I am there. Enjoy this time. Be teenagers again. Live as if there is no tomorrow.

I pray that God will bless the reunion, all of you, and your families.

And in the words of Queen...

We are the Champions!

Class of '77 ROCKS!

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Rob, I'd suggest calling Arlene. She has all the returned invitations and could give you the final estimate on picnic attendance. Her number is 570-283-3420.

Lee et al - what is an estimate on attendance for the picnic? My wife and I are going to try and plan some activities - but need to know approximate numbers

I have Terri's laptop with me and it claims it has a 38Kbps connection, but I've seen 300 bps modems with snappier performance. I can't say for sure what the problem is, but it's going to make any webpage editing impossible so our headliners are going to have a long run this time. Fortunately, we have two attractive ladies occupying the space now. But I still have the blogger which makes some communication possible. It's raining here in the Valley today, but after a summer of drought in Colorado, it's a welcome change.

I got two emails yesterday about several missing classmates (Donna Reese and Sandy Mihalic) and so I sent them emails and maybe we'll pick up a few more attendees. The fact that we still have some missing classmates is certainly not for a lack of trying to find them. Alrene and Karen have been working very hard to find and contact everyone on our class list.

The CD door prizes have been created in sufficient quantity that the odds of 'winning' one of them are 100%. As for Helen's Evergreen performance and the lack of an original recording, we just might have to get her into a studio for an encore performance so we can have one for the next CD...

I plan to keep the website up indefinitely and will put lots of picures taken from the reunion so even those who didn't get a chance to attend this one can still share in the excitement. Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

You folks have no idea how excited I am yo be seeing you all again! I can't believe the reunion is only two days away! Kudos to the whole gang who made this possible. Thanks to Lee for giving us a vehicle to get in touch with each other again. Helen, I'm not sure if I should take your comment on my brother and me as a compliment (ha ha). You are absolutely right about our little guy, though he is cute as a button and we are all wild about him. Things like this make life worth living...

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

I'm back in 'the Valley'. I stopped over at VP today to tell them for the umpteenth time that we will be having a very large crowd over there on Friday and to try to prepare for us. It looks like between the Pig and Rich's, it shouldn't be a problem because Rich's Golf Center/Arcade is quite large. I can very easily see the kids running for Rich's as soon as they see what's available and so I thought I would mention here in the weblog.
Here are the activities/prices:
Driving Range $6/pail
Mini Golf $5
Bumper Boats $4
Baseball cages 15 balls/$1.50
Skate Park $4/hr (please note that either a notarized waiver or parental supervision is required to use the skate park. Also, pads and skating equipment or bikes must be provided.)
Plenty of video/arcade games $unlimited :-)

Try to arrive at 4:30 if possible so we can seize the place and get as many people seated at VP before the regulars arrive.

Official posting from the "church lady". Received a phone call today at the church office from Dee Zabresky's daughter. Mrs. Zabresky, was a teacher at O'Reilly while we were there and many of you had her for some business course or typing. She is in the hospital and in very critical condition. She will be having surgery probably on Monday, Sept 2nd. Please keep her in your prayers. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

Gosh Doc, I thought I was the only one being held together by stiches. After 2 kids, removal of the gall bladder (22 yrs. ago), kidney stones, and ulcers I think you've still got me beat. Six surgeries??? Maybe the neighbors were right to worry about the hearse in the driveway - quite a cute story!

Commenting on pictures Jay, if you stand next to your brother I'm not quite sure I could tell you apart. Wow and what a cute baby!!! You must be sooooo proud!

Lee, just an after-thought. Unless someone else has a recording of Evergreen, it's gone forever, cuz I don't think that I even have a copy of that anywhere.

Ann Marie, you've been quiet over the past couple of days. Does this mean you are traveling?

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Sorry about jumping in so quickly there, Doc. I haven't had rapid-fire thoughts like that in years!

glad the shoulder's healing up well doc. funny story about charlie. i'm probably one of the few who knew him way back when he was in diapers, since i used to stop over the house back when we were hangin' together.

that pic of helen from the concert got me thinkin'....maybe we should make the dress code for the dinner dance a "retro look"! unfortunately, there's not much time left to scour the goodwill stores for bell bottoms (with cuffs), platform shoes, wide-lapelled jackets, and of course, the ever popular BOW TIE!!!

well, gotta run out to a job site for an inspection, so catch you all later. damn, lunch goes by quick!

I guess Jay did not want to give anyone else a chance to write - or he just had a series of rapid fire thoughts -- before the trivia comes out on who did the 'brownie roll' in Sister B's class - I am fairly certain that Consigliere Nardone was not involved - but Alan Brezinski (spelling?) was the maker

Shoulder seems fine - rotator cuff was in good shape and major work involved cutting off part of my collar bone (to open up more space). I think I have about 85% range of motion back already (slicing was on 19 Aug and I still have about 10 stitches in) - my wife almost ended my life on Sunday - I was swinging a golf club and she gave me the death stare. When she took me in sickness and in health - don't think she fully realized what she was getting herself into - the shoulder operation was my 6th operation in the past 20 years - so she is getting sick of the routine

Indulge me for a quick funny story from the weekend. My brother (he is over 16 years younger and not many of you ever knew him) is an undertaker and lives about 20 miles away from us in the Pittsburgh area. On Sat he had a funeral with burial in a cemetery about 2 miles from our house. After the service, he drove over for a visit - in the hearse! He parked it in our driveway and stayed for a few hours -- we are still getting calls from the neighbors to make sure that no one died. My response to them is that we did not have dinner plans on Sat night and I was hoping the hearse would bring a few deli trays and tray of rigatoni from concerned neighbors!

Monday, August 26, 2002

Nice picture, Stash

The answer to Gordon's band was Mystical Arrival, which also starred Joe Smolko, Dave Dubiel, and Larry Welkie to name a few, and Louie Masgay singing All the Young Dudes by Mott the Hoople. The sweet Connie song was We're an Amerivcan Band by Grand Funk Railroad

Does anyone want to share the funniest stories they remember from school? I think that Mark Gill's rendition of D-I-V-O-R-C-E by George Jones and Tammy Wynette on the night of our Senior banquet was worthy of wetting one's pants in public. Another is the AP Biology class swinging a pig fetus by the English class widow when they were reading Lord of the Flies. Any other Kodak moments that you guys can remember Counselor Nardone?

I hope that nobody has developed a "fear" of answering that Question! And Dot, you are correct in your assumption that "sleepy" Ed McKeweon was our sleepy teacher. Don't those folks that always close their eyes in pictures drive you crazy? Only SIX days until I see Rose Vnukowski again and my heart is going pitter-patter! Although,I never really met an O"Reilly girl that I didn't absolutely adore!

Just to let eveyone know that the band Wildfire was a bar band-they use to play alot at the Hearthstone Pub and over at Murray's inn. We used to see them alot when I was in college.I have to put my vote in for the "sleepy" teacher-I also think that it was Mr, McKeweon. Helen, my vote for paradise is called Promised Land State Park in the Poconos near Lake Walanpaupack. A more peacful place in PA. you cannot find!! Our idea of a perfect weekend is putting up the camper and goin fishing!! Zachary always asks if I would ever like to live near the ocean and my answer is that I would miss the mountians here to much. Paradise is where and who makes you happy!
On the subject of pranks-I think it was in Sister Bertillas class-someone got a brownie from lunch and rolled it up to look like a (you know) and left it in the back of the room-when she found it I thought the paramedics would have to be called.........................

Smoke was the name of the group that Helen was looking for..

Sorry to disappoint but I just had a lengthy conversation with Rose Vnukowski-Garrity and she doesn't remember the name of the band either. She said to tell everyone "Hello" and would like to pose this trivia question. What was the name of the band with the members of Ralph "Phat" Marsh, Jim Reinert, Paul Reinert & Jay Tobias, that played for the Halloween dance in the cafeteria in 1976?
(No one from the band is allowed to guess).

I guess until you move away and "miss" the season changes, that you can appreciate them. I personally dread winter. If it was only a few months shorter here and summer just a few months longer it might be an ideal place to live. Is there really any "ideal" place on this earth? I've had cousins' move to Arizona who are dying to move back east, a friend in Texas who will do anything to leave there and come home, and then people here who want to leave and go anywhere but here. Let me know if anyone finds "paradise".

Doc, how's the shoulder? Wildfire wasn't the name of Joe's band, but I do believe there was a band with that name.

Ann Marie, are you going to fill us in on the "sleepy teacher?" How about this. Do you remember going over to "Bergen Hall" for music theory and talking Mr. Cooper into letting us go down the back fire-escape to go over to Mickey's Store instead of having class?

The web server for my site has been down all day. They are working on the problem but haven't gotten it fixed yet so if you've tried to get to the reunion page, you will have noticed it was inaccessible. I've put up a site probe and hopefully it will be back up soon.

Joe, I remember the "current events" presentations in Bertilla's class. It's weird how I can remember things from 25 years ago with crystal clarity, but couldn't tell you what I had for dinner yesterday. I also recall two people getting the 'hook', one was Bob Wanat, and the other was Jay Popson. I even remember their 'infractions'. Sister Bertilla missed some things, but every once in a while, she'd sort of wake up and enact discipline when someone crossed over the line. The Massachusetts incident with Nardone was a classic. It was as if she was acting as John's 'straight man' on it and what I wouldn't give for a video tape of that performance! It was one of the few times I saw her laugh, which made it all the funnier.

speaking of Sr. Bertilla, does anyone remember soph. history class with her and her daily current events assignment? if you remember, it was an oral presentation on something noteworthy from the newspaper. my all-time favorite? JOHN NARDONE (who else) trying to pronounce Massachusetts! you guessed it, Mass-a-two-shits...still laugh about it to this day. he must have repeated it 2 dozen times, and she never caught on, she just kept repeating Massachusetts, trying to help him pronounce it properly. and when we'd laugh, she'd tell us not to make fun of his disability. timeless!

and don't forget all of those pennies rolling under the door from the hallway...

Let me jump in - was the band "Wildfire" - just a guess. Also - with the final song - somewhere in my past I actually met "Sweet Connie" - albeit very briefly - I cannot remember the circumstances - but I recollect it was someone I knew when I lived in Detroit and it was an old friend of a friend or an older sister of a friend. She had cleaned up her act, but was still on the odd side

Sunday, August 25, 2002

Well, OK, it's not Wipeout, but with the last hint Rich virtually gave us the title and artist. It's We're an American Band, by Grand Funk Railroad.

First the trivia Helen sorry not Mr. McKewon, but a very good guess and he would be a second choice.

Secondly Helen, you are not confused. I live, work and have my business in St. Lucia. I do come home and keep a residence in Florida. I ended up in Florida because of my former business partner. My daughters are in uni there. One in Gainesville and the other Orlando.

Rich I know Clearwater very well. We had residence in Port Richey for 4 years. My ex-business partner and one of my best friends is originally from Clearwater. He now lives in Hollywood of all places! I really like the Tampa area. Although it's still flat, you can live in the suburbs or countryside and still be an hour away from the city.

We now have residence in Orlando. My first impression of Orlando was when the plane was landing. All I could think of was miles and miles of concrete ugly houses. My husband and I are planning on moving back home in the next year or two. He's never seen snow, and since three of our children will be in uni at some satge in the next 5 years, we're looking to move to Jacksonville. I find it much more appealing. We will be right near the border to Georgia and the mountains and still by the sea which I love.

Rich, three of my children and myself all miss the change of seasons. I've spoken with a lot of different northerners that have settled to Flordia or the islands. I'd estimate that 75% of that I;ve spoken to feel the same way about missing the north. My plan is to retire to England or back up north. I have a business trip to CT at the end of September and I am hoping the leaves will be changing by that point.

Helen, I watch as my girls are wearing the same clothes as we did. I have a few pair of platforms too, but I nix the bell bottoms. I don't want to try and look like a teenager. I didn't know Tom Hanlon was the choral director at BOR. What a great job for him! Please give him my best when you see him again.

Okay Rich it looks like we've not remembered the song. Time to tell us! Lee I don't remember Wipe Out as the last song.

Rich - you better be careful with what you say. You may have a few guests that evening - remember Lee has a plane. If Florida is so bad - why does everyone want to go there? Can't say I have ever had the pleasure of visiting the state. And yes, that's means I have never been to Disney.

I guess I remember Joe S.'s band because I rode the bus home with them every day for 3-years. Believe me, my memory (long term is ok but short term?????- Isn't that a sign of alzheimer's???) spelling???

My guess for the sleep teacher is Mr. McKeown. All I know is I slept through most of his class (Psychology) -7th period. Good time for a nap! He's now Dr.McKeown.

Nice picture! (ugh). I especially like the band-aid on my finger. Have to admit that I do once again own a few pair of platform shoes- but still can't bring myself to wear a pair of bell-bottoms.

Rose G., feel free to help us out with the band trivia questions. I'm out of guesses. Lee, how can you dance to "Wipe Out"? I'm not much of a Rush fan, but my husband is. He probably would kill to get tickets in Phila. He's a drummer. We met at Wilkes - he was a percussion music major.
Thanks for the tip.

Ann Marie, did I miss something here? I thought you lived in the islands? P.S. Thanks for the compliment.
The band really did a great job that night. It's a shame because the band is non-existant now. They haven't had a band for over 10 years now. Tom Hanlon, (a year behind us) is now the choral director. He does a good job with the kids. Sad to see some things have to change. Till tomorrow....

Lemme guess.... it the answer to your question 'Wipe Out', Rich? That song has a great drum beat and was always a favorite.

I just got back from the Rush concert in Denver and it was amazing. Neil Peart, arguably the world's greatest drummer, was one of the highlights of the show with his magnificent drum solo. They really know how to put on a show... Joe Petrasek told me I wouldn't be disappointed and he was right. I picked up your Rush Vapor Trails T-shirt, Joe, and I'll bring it with me to the reunion. By the way, I noticed they've extended this tour and will be in Hershey and Philly near the end of October. Perhaps you can achieve the trifecta this year...

Saturday, August 24, 2002

Rich...I am also a resident in Florida. (Flat, boring, full of transient snowbirds in the winter. The only state in the US where you can drive on a highway and fear for your life on the road because of the senior citizen drivers. Especially the little old ladies that can barely see over the dashboard! *laughter*) Where in Florida do you live Rich?

Okay triva question was answered correctly. Over the pep ralley. Last period on Friday was the sit-in. Initiated by the seniors. I think we made the news that time also. Sister Xaiver was having kittens because we all got up and left the class. She kept on saying...noooo...nooo...sit down, sit down. Poor woman what that last period class put her through.

Joe Smolko's band. Now there's a band we forgot about Helen for the dances. Smoke on the Water was usually played somewhere in the middle or toward the end. They always ended with a slow tune if I recall correctly. Rose I know you're reading the blogs where are you????

Helen, are you taking ginko or something that your memory is so good? Or is my age showing? *laughter*
Does anyone remember the all night dance marathon?
Next triva question: What teacher was responsible for the most sleep filled classes? She/He put us all to sleep at one point or another. This teacher had the easiest class and was able to be swayed off any mundane subject on to another where She/He went on and talked even more mundane and boring topics. All in all this teacher could be a very likable teacher.

Sorry to hear about your surgery Rob. Hope all went well and you're doing well. I had surgery on my foot 3 weeks ago. I've been going stir crazy because I can't go to the beach and for the first week had to stay in bed with my foot elevated.

I was not a happy patient.

Yes Helen it was for the band concert you sang Evergreen. Whenever I hear the song it brings back some good memories of that night. You sang it beautifully. But then when didn't you sing beautifully? The voice of an angel. That's what comes to my mind.

Homer writes:

By the way - everyone is invited to my place for a nightcap or two Saturday night after the dinner dance. Bring your swim suit!

Yes, but don't you live in Florida?

Also, with regard to Joe Smolko's band:

What song did they like to close their show with.

My recollection is that they really liked playing 'Lucky Man' by ELP, but I don't know if it was the closing song.

CD music selection is good - any chance off adding a little Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer and Stairway to Heaven?

I put as many songs that were in the top 20 that I had and that would fit (it's an 80 minute CD and has 17 songs). You can see the outcome of the vote here. Stairway to Heaven, always a favorite, missed by a vote, but I certainly have lots of good candidates for a 'Volume 2' for the next reunion which may include, if I can get it, Helen singing Evergreen.

Ok, I remember the sit-in for the cancellation of the pep-rally, but was there not a sit-in also our freshman year when the changed the name of the school from Central Catholic to Bishop O'Reilly? It happened the last period (or mod as they now refer to them as). I had
Sister Bertilla - remember her? (also deceased - If I'm not mistaken). The seniors "Class of 74" were responsible for that one.

Dorothy, I can't believe you don't remember the bleach? It was like the smell that wouldn't go away.

Don't remember the name of the band - Rose Garrity - where are you? Joe Ribar -played base, and wasn't Larry Welky a member? # 3 Smoke on the Water?

Doc, hope you're feeling better! Sister Ubi did pass away a few years ago.

No Helen, i am not on vacation - had shoulder surgery last Monday and was off-line for awhile. My recollection of the sit-in was that it was for the cancelled pep rally mentioned by Karen- and it was more or less a big ground swell - don't really know if there was a single organizer.
As for the Latin teacher - y'all might have had the nickname of Sister Ubi - but her real name was Sister Xavier Gibbons - came from a religious family in Pittston (couple of brothers were priests, and i think had a sister who was also a nun) - think she passed away a few years ago in her late 80's (i might be mistaken about her death - but think my mother did say semthing about it

Hi guys, this is in reference to Ann Marie's question about the sit-in, I think I know what it was for, the school cancelled the pep rally scheduled for that Friday, it was the ultimate football game, BOR vs. WVW, many showed and many were suspended if memory serves me right, as far as who organized it, no clue, sorry, can't look this one up at the Courthouse, but if I had to guess, let's see, maybe John Nardone, he's the one everyone seems to point a finger at for just about everything else, only kidding, but a second guess would be a group of angry seniors.

Friday, August 23, 2002

All right, since we're on the subject of Sister Ubi-here's one for the books-"But sister I know I know the answer to this test question can I look it up? This was and still is the only way to get through four years of Latin-yes I said (4) years and survive with little or no brain damage!!!!!! Ann Marie, I don't remember the bleach on the desks-was I even there? As for the sit in, I was there and I don't remember what I was sitting in about-was it something about the dress code?

Hey Mr. Rodgers. Is it coindience that you happen to be in all the yearbook pics???? *laughter*
I took two years of Latin and one year of Spanish. Two years with Sister Ubi was enough to make a person crack. Timmy McManus was in my freshman class with her. We used to laugh so much. We had her last period. Remember she used to clean the desks with bleach? Ugh! 2:30 PM on a hot day was unbearable. I wouldn't be surprised if that class didn't have some brain damage from the fumes and the heat!
Another trivia question:
Who organized the sit-in and who remembers what was the reason for having it?

What a coincidence that Ann Marie would ask about Sister Ubi because I just scanned her picture yesterday when I was doing some others for Karen. I had one year of Latin, but decided that I'd probably not spend much time in Latin America so I decided not to take the second year of it . I did have two years of French and spent about 5 hours in France one night when we hopped across the border from Germany to Strasburg. They spoke German there so I was out of luck, n'est pas ? (n'est pas is French for "Henna?", for those true Wyoming Valley dialect speakers) So much for my language education.

Helen, if you attend the reunion, the odds are quite high that you'll be a 'winner' of one of these coveted door prizes. Since you've contributed heartily to the weblog, you'll be the first on my list. If I had any sense at all, I would have gotten a copy of you singing 'Evergreen' and put it on there too to help balance out the heavy metal part of it. Oh well, I'm already coming up with ideas for 'Volume 2'.

Ann Marie - the question is way too easy! Did she teach Latin? Oh well - I'm sure everyone remembers her. (Have to keep my reputation as the trivia queen). Picture this: a blue Conrail Train going down the tracks in Kingston but stopped because a flatbed carrying a piece of heavy equipment is stuck on the tracks at the intersection of Division St. & the tracks, half of the State Police force is there standing around trying to figure out what to do about it. This is a true story - saw it myself this morning. Only this could happen in the Valley.

Sister Mercedes' picture is somewhere on this webpage. She is now in Danville at the convent of the Sisters of SSCM. She is the librarian.

The memory page is really an eye opener. I can't believe how much Fred Merrill looks like his dad. Which is a good thing - I guess.

Not sure if it's any consolation for those who signed up for tour of the school - but just open your year books and that's basically what the school still looks like. Not too much has changed.

Hey Paul, thanks for the compliment on "Evergreen",(I hope it was a compliment) but if memory serves me correctly, that was from the band concert. To all who voted on the cd selections -great job! Really quite a diversified selection. Wouldn't mind having a copy of that myself. Lee, any chance that we could purchase one of these CD's? Not everyone has the availability of computers at their disposal. (Believe it or not!)

Hey Doc.... are you on vacation?? Later.....

Lee...I've just discovered the online memory page. It's terrific. Thanks to everyone that has contributed pictures and biographies. It's wonderful to see the pictures of families. I have a deep appreciation to this blog, the web site and all the pictures and biographies as it gives me a peice of home. My husband and I have had an official honeymoon. We had our honeymoon in St. Lucia. The girls were here and we didn't want to miss time out as a family. So...for the past two years we've been planning our honeymoon. Gregory wants to go to Washington DC for one week and then back to the valley. We will be a year late, but maybe we could meet up with some of you. Both my husband and I would enjoy it immensely. It will be a special time for him and I. I will enjoy being able to take my husband around to my old stomping grounds.
Lee thanks for the memento of the reunion. You're one special person.
Here's a trivia question. What teacher was called Sister Ubi?

I've updated the website to show that the school tour has been cancelled. I'll be sorry to be missing out on that walk down memory lane, but lots of fun stuff is still planned so there certainly won't be a lack of things for us to do that weekend. As for the commemorative CD, I think that anyone who's contributed more than 1000 words to the weblog is certainly entitled to one, Ann Marie, so you will definitely be on my list. Also, I plan to bring my digital camera and there's a software product from HP called the 'Memories Disk' that ships with all our cameras, scanners, and DVD writers. It's really cool because you can just drag all your photos on it, burn a CD and it will 'play' in a DVD player like a slide show and displays all the photos sequentially on a TV along with music. You can also put it in a computer to print the images too, or view them in a browser slide show. I plan to make up some of those after the reunion and anyone who wants one will be welcome to it.

Hello everyone, looks like it’s almost time for the reunion, unfortunately, I have some bad news, due to lack of participation, the Tour Of The School has been canceled, (I guess no one really wanted to go back to school, just see their friends), but on the upside, looks like a lot of participation for everything else which includes VP, the reunion itself, Family Picnic as well as the closing of the reunion festivities with the Mass for the deceased. Well, I suppose one out of 5 ain’t bad, oops, forgot, isn’t, sorry Mr. Lynch. Lee, once again, what an awesome job you’ve done with the website, along with the CD, I’m sure that took not only a lot of time, but a lot of patience, and also thanks to Terri for her understanding, you’re both the best, I’m sure that I speak for a lot of people who have made this weblog, along with a lot who haven’t. As far as the CD is concerned, I will pass along the songs to our entertainment for the reunion night, it’s a one man band, I’m sure he’ll know some of the music, just joking, but I will pass on the information. What happened to our Trivia, c’mon HOTC, we only have a week til the reunion, don’t give up???

Lee, you know my circumstances. How can I be elligable for a door prize from down here? I would love to have a memory of the reunion even though I won't be there. This CD would be great.
Please don't make me beg. It's not cool to beg.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

I'm burning CDs for some lucky door prize winners. Here are the songs on it:

Hotel California - The Eagles
More than a Feeling - Boston
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen
Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
Walk this Way - Aerosmith
Rock and Roll All Night - Kiss
It's Only Rock and Roll - Rolling Stones
Aqualung - Jethro Tull
We Will Rock You - Queen
Back in the Saddle - Aerosmith
Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
Cat's in the Cradle - Harry Chapin
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
We are the Champions - Queen
Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple
Fly Like an Eagle - The Steve Miller Band

These songs were selected by a voting poll on the website and are all in the top 20 by your votes. It represents the collective tastes of those in our class who voted and the result of a democratic process. Can you believe that Kung Fu Fighting failed to get a single vote? That made me extremely pleased to be associated with all of you. Also, Disco songs faired poorly. It's a source of shame, perhaps like rap will be for our kids' generation! The CDs will have this cool label on them. If you were 'on the fence' about attending, I'd hope a collectible like this CD would push you over the edge...

Karen asked me for a few pictures (one of Mr. McKeown and one of Mr. Cooper) so I put them on a webpage with a few more from our Freshman year. A few of you may find yourselves in those pictures if you look really hard.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Hello everyone, Lee invited me to chime in on the Weblog. Looking forward to seeing everyone since I missed the 11th reunion. Its been a long time, 25 years as a matter of fact. If you're been reading the weblogs Lee has mentioned that we've been emailing each other since I learned he was a RUSH fan. Told him of the two concerts I went to this year and hope I helped in his decision on going to see RUSH this weekend (8/24). Lee, as I told you before you won't be sorry...

If you enjoy music go to some concerts, its a great place to take the family and enjoy new and old music. Don't worry about being the oldest person there because believe it or not we are the majority. Lee is all geared up for this RUSH concert. The tone of his emails reflect it. I only wish I could make the show but I will be at a GOOs concert in MD. My daughters were into the boy bands for a few years but I converted them to Pop Rock and Rock. JOB WELL DONE...

An exercise: The majority of us had 12 years of parochial education. I challenge you to make a list of all you grade school teachers (Grades 1 thru 8). Take the time to study their names. The majority of them would be nuns if not all of them. I made my list and Lee had to correct me on our 7th and 8th grade teachers name. Some of their names just might blow you away. Take the challenge.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

I can see from the attendees list that we still have quite a few people who paid a deposit or expressed and interest in attending the reunion but haven't returned the invitation (maybe you're one of them ). I guess they need one of these. If anyone is in communication with the people who were planning to attend, but still don't have their name in blue on the attendees list, please give them a friendly reminder. It would be a shame to miss out on the event as the 25th year reunion only comes around once!

Hello All, just a note to let everyone know that final preparations are being made to the memory book, sorry, but I am no longer accepting anything else for the memory book. Just to let you know the last things that were accepted were Laura Canfield's pictures/bio and Fred Merrill's pictures, sorry Fred, but it doesn't look like your bio will make it, for everyone else who didn't submit anything by this time, you snooze, you lose. I think it's safe to say by this time that our class is the biggest bunch of procrastinators, with a few exceptions or is it just that everyone's afraid of something, can't imagine that, all of our lives have changed in one direction or another, oh well, anyway I hope all that are attending the reunion itself will have a great time, a lot of planning went into it. Looks like a big turnout for VP though and that's great, so it'll be a bit crowded, I think we're bringing the crowd anyway, and like I said before if it's too crowded for you, take your gang right next door to McDonald's, I'm sure that'll bring back memories or to the new and improved Rich's Miniature Golf, oops, almost forgot, bring your cameras to these functions, maybe if they're really good, Lee will put them on the website, who knows, new headliners????

Monday, August 19, 2002

Ya Know .... I think this reunion is going to be quite fun.
Nice to be reading all the scoop and finding out what has been going on
for 25 years.
I have seen many of you over the years at some point or other - looking forward to
seeing you once again, for you folks I have'nt seen in 25 years - looking forward to
saying hello again.

BTW - Helen, I still can't listen to the song "Evergreen" without remembering
the Glee Club and you singing.
As far as music goes, my 16 year old daughter really dominates the airwaves - she's
still into the BackStreet Boys and other groups "N'Sync" yada yada who don't know how to play instruments.

I agree with Niz as well - Jazz is smooth - but I still enjoy Kansas and Boston turned up loud as
you are driving down the highway.

Well I won't get me started on teenagers - I have two of them right know and two who think they are. . .
I guess we were there once - but were we really like that?

Don't forget the Burger King on Kingston Corners (A great lunch - Double Cheeseburger with Extra Cheese and a large fry!)
See ya - I think I'll run out for an order. . .Except - strange things happen with your system at 40+.

Sunday, August 18, 2002

It's great to have yet another contributor to the weblog, Joe, and our musical taste is similar, smooth jazz nothwithstanding.

Bee Harris Darrow discovered the website this weekend and with all that's been added to it over the past few months, she's having a good time discovering it. It brought her 'tears of joy', I believe is the expression she used . She put a very nice biography together for us and will be at the reunion as well as all the other events.

A long time ago, in a weblog far away, I published a recipe I found on the Internet for the Victory Pig pizza. I got a message on my other guestbook a while ago from a person identifying herself as a 'Former Plains Girl' who had discovered it somehow and I can't imagine how since it was only linked to that old weblog. So she made it and, it's close, but not exactly the same as VP which is similar to our own experience. The next time she made it, she added bacon grease on the pan reasoning the the VP makes pork sandwiches and perhaps used something from the pork to give the pizza a little more flavor and she claims it's even closer. It seems that the recipe has spread far and wide across the Wyoming Valley and so I thought I'd put out a feeler to see if anyone might know that 'missing ingredients' or procedure in the recipe mentioned above. Anyone?

Friday, August 16, 2002

hi gang! sorry it took so long to join in, but i was having some trouble logging on to blogger as well, needed a new invite from lee to get in. thanks again, lee. well here's 2 more cents as far as tunes go. i agree with rich, nothing better than chilling with some smooth jazz and a nice tall gin & tonic (tanqueray, of course!) check out smooth grooves vol. 1, 2, & 3 on the higher octave label ( it's a great sampler of a lot of smooth jazz artists, including some former rock & rollers like craig chaquico (jefferson starship) and neal schon & jonathan cain (journey). anyway, i'm in agreement with the majority here, that most of today's music is crap. guess we are getting old! but if all else fails, thank god U2 is still around...luckily my kids haven't gotten caught up in all of this angry, profanity laced crap on the radio, especially my oldest (matt, age 14) who actually prefers classical music (no kidding, must come from all those piano & cello lessons) and stuff from the 80's. maybe there's hope for the next generation after all, if we do a good job parenting! thanks for the trivia quiz. i had nardone pegged for the pranks, but copuldn't for the life of me remember that pizza shop being in the gateway. here's another: does anyone remember hanging out at "carroll's" on the ave next to the dairy queen after games & dances? well, i'm going for a dip in the pool. catch ya later.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

I got the funniest email from Joe Petrasek today. He was reading through the weblog and noticed that I was a Rush fan and he told me he just saw Rush in concert twice in the past month. I guess you can say he's a big Rush fan too. If you've been reading through Sister Heloise, you'll know that Joe and I have a passion for the same kinds of toys and, evidentally, music. I made a public apology to him for accidentally shooting him with my BB gun as a kid (which he accepted, Thanks Joe!). Anyway, when I was making up the posting about Rush the other day I had visited their website and found that in less than 2 weeks they would be in Denver so I ordered some concert tickets for myself and Terri, feeling a little sheepish about being a grown man going to a rock concert. Joe's message along with his glowing review of their performance got me so keyed up about seeing them again that I don't care if I'm the oldest person in the audience! I can't wait... I feel like a kid again!

We found out that we are also fans of the Goo Goo Dolls, which happens to be Terri's favorite group. Last summer, I was in Breckenridge and made up a photo slide show and used the Goo Goo Dolls song 'Slide' to go along with it. You can play that slide show if you have a snappy Internet connection and the free RealOne Player.

I asked the planning committee about the dress code the other day since it's not stated anywhere in the invitation and got the response that it is semi formal (translation: coat and tie for men and dress or gown for women).

I have been getting updates from Arlene lately and so I've been color coding the attendees list. What's really neat is that people who haven't been on the radar screen are starting to show up paid in full. These includes Ted Healey, Alan Kopicki, Ann Marie Onzik, Dave Kotarski, Bernie Solack, and Karlene Wagner. So if we get all the people who sent deposits, plus some of those who made verbal commitments we should have quite a good turnout.

Rich; nice walk down memory lane-Helen will kill you if she ever sees you again!! Made me think about some of our favorite haunts-Swoyersville crowd not withstanding-Morgan Park-the Russian Cemetary and of course Andy Lawrence School. Just think-no computers, cell phones, video games and we still managed to have fun. Life for teens today is scary and I hope that I have raised Zach to do the right thing and make good decisions.

Well, yet another meeting was held with the reunion committee and we’re really close to the goal we anticipated on for the reunion, only a few shy and you still have time to send in your invitation and picture for the memory book, today is the last day to send in all that information. I received a phone call 2 days ago from Mr. Lynch, looks like he and his wife will be attending our reunion. We the committee thought it only fitting to invite Mr. Lynch as our Yearbook, (has anyone looked at that lately), was dedicated to Mr. Lynch, it should also be noted that Mr. Lynch still remains the favorite teacher in the Favorite Teacher category for the memory book. I’ve been noticing too the references to music as well as others and need to mention that our Wilkes Barre Arena will be featuring Nellie (not too sure of the spelling) on August 30th, the same as our VP night, I don’t know who this is but I’m sure your kids might know, he’s (think it’s a he) is suppose to be a leading rap singer or heavy metal, anyway, he’s supposedly a very big act, but I guess Wyoming Valley is still behind the times, as opening day, he only sold 20 tickets in our area. Our 1st. Union Arena, if you haven’t seen it, is awesome, I personally didn’t attend any of the Arena Football games, but I did attend some of the Penguin Ice Hockey Games, they’re definitely a fun time. I also had the opportunity to go to the Gateway & Narrows Shopping Center recently, let’s put it this way, the Gateway is 85% closed, it looks like a ghost town, only a few stores left, the rest are all closed up, the narrows, definitely different and a must see, there’s a new Price Chopper built, and part of the Narrows was torn down, it will definitely be different once you see it, as there’s now a Blockbuster, Staples and where Vispi’s was is the making of a new Chinese Restaurant, I can remember when we hardly had any chinese restaurants, now there’s several, where the Stop N’ Go was is now empty, there’s also a book swap place as well as a nail salon and, come to think of it, the only place left recognizable is McDonald’s. There’s one thing though that has not changed, even when we were in High School, it’s the cruisers, they now have a mapped out way of cruising as the police enforce that they not go up or down Market Street as well as go around Public Square 3 times within a one hour period, well, some memories never change.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

It's great to see some new names appear in the Weblog. If you have been invited to participate, but did not follow the directions on the email you received, please go ahead and find that old email and do it now as it's always a thrill for the group to see a new name pop up. Also, if you have contributed at one time but can't seem to figure out how to get back in, you just need to go to the main blogger screen at and log in with your username and password. You should see the 'Bishop O'Reilly Weblog' as a menu choice under Your Blogs and once you select it, you can post to your heart's content. If you forgot your username or password or haven't received an invitation for some reason, email me and I'll send you another invitation.

I realize for some of you, this is your virtual reunion, that is, a way to connect with people from your past because you're unable to make it to the reunion in person. We all would love to hear from you, see your pictures, and share your memories. After the reunion, we'll make sure to post some photos from the events on the website so you'll feel like you were a part of it. Also, please remember that if you can't make it to the dinner/dance on Saturday, there are other events that you'll be most welcome to attend.

The weblog, biography page, memory pages and guestbook are the most visited parts of the website, presumably because we are always looking for new classmates to appear. Please go ahead and put an entry there if you haven't already and give your friends something to read about you!

Hey Rich...glad to hear from you. Keep your thoughts coming!

Dorothy and Helen...I'm with you. I find a lot of the music today is angry noise. Lee, I can't take Dr. Dre, Wu-tang, Eminem and a lot of the hip-hop. I don't want to watch women grinding their pelvis or any other area in a close-up shot. The music and videos lack depth, soul, and creativity.

The US black-african musicans, sports stars and hollywood celebritites have made a negative impact on the age group of 9-35 down here. The girls wear extremely revealing clothing. The language is rough and foul. The majority of this age group is highly negative and materialistic. Reading is considered a ancient hobby. BET, WWF, soap operas are the main form of entertainment here. Totally mindless TV. Drinking, drugs and sex predominate favourite social gatherings. I shake my head in disbelief at school-leavers that come in all rough and ready to apply for a job position. The girls dress like street-walkers and the guys look like "gansta's".

Although my Sam listens to and enjoys the music, thank God he appreciates variety. He listens to Rush, Steve Miller, The Eagles, Hootie, Bruce, classical and lots of other music.

I can also hold an intelligent conversation with him at 18. We can discuss world issues along with talking nonsense. As with you Rich, I thank God my bridge between the generation is not a long one. And who wants to grow up anyway????

Lee the tatoos and pirecings are the result of a generation that screams for attention. Look what we used to do. Long hair on the guys, work boots and straight legs jeans on the girls, halter tops, from the Stones, to America, to Black Sabbath, to KISS...etc...*laughter* I can remember when my parents heard on the news that Elton John was bi-sexual. My father refused to let me play his music in the house.

You know I can remember my parents getting upset over the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show and my brothers and I watching it with such relish. I can remember seeing "A Hard Day's Night" at the movie theater in Luzerne and falling in love with Paul McCarthy.

And I cringe now thinking I used to watch The Partridge Family! *laughter*

Doc...I pray that as your kids grow older that some positive changes in the world will have been made and that the angry and violent music, movies, etc...will become less and less and quality entertaintment will become more and more.

As for the church ladies, include me in. Although my profession is not affiliated with the church right now, I do spend a lot of time volunteering for lots of things at church.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

I'm just glad that the stuff we did in our day still has some plausible deniability, high school yearbook pictures notwithstanding. I had a copy of a 1976 yearbook with me at a restaurant and was looking it over with Terri and the waiter took one look at my picture and exclaimed, "Nice 'doo!"

Facial piercings can be a bit shocking today, but I look at the tatoos and feel a little saddened and embarrassed for the kids since that stuff is really hard to get rid of and you just know it will go out of style some day. Sorry if I'm offending any fellow classmates who have succumbed to the latest fashions and are sporting a few face piercings and tatoos of their own.

For me, the music I like the least is Jazz, which I consider to be insolent noise. I'll take Eminem, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Gangsta Boo, The Wu-Tang Clan, M.O.P. or any other Hip Hop music over Jazz any day, but maybe I'm just different. My all time favorite rock group is Rush whose first album dates back to 1974, our first year at O'Reilly. They just released their 25th album this year (how fitting!) called Vapor Trails and I like it as much as anything they did in the early years. I was pleasantly surprised while attending my nephew's high school graduation this summer that his friends who were performing DJ duties were big Rush fans too. Some music just never goes out of style...

Helen; I so agree about the music that we are subjected to on the radio today-Zach makes me crazy listening to these groups that could'nt hold a tune if they were carrying it in a paper bag That's just ear noise to me-gone are the days when we saw Doobie Brothers and Heart live in concert and went to Phila. to see Journey-those were bands I would pay money to see. I guess we are all just products of our teen generation-lest we forget disco(won't that just haunt us until we die!!!!!)
All I can say about the kids today is that I hope they can find simplicity in their lives amid all the caos that todays' world have to offer

"Homer" (my senior prom date) who else was in our class with the name Helen???? Of course I'm "Stash" - God, I haven't heard that in 25 years - what a rush of memories!!! Yes, unfortunately HTS - otherwise known as "Regis Academy" has been the victim of downsizing. It's doors were permanently closed this past June. It's now an empty building with a lot of memories in those halls and rooms.

Sorry to burst your bubble - (or delusions) about my e/address. I was dubbed that about 15 yrs. ago by our Golf Tournament Committee here at the church. No one knew my last name - subsequently, Helen of the Church or "HOTC" - the 39 was the last year that I bothered to update the age - or maybe subconsciously I really don't want to.

I don't think the clothes - specifically bell bottoms and now peasant blouses - bothers me so much. It's the music these kids listen to. I just wonder whether "their" music will survive like the 60's, 70's and 80's did? This rap -(or crap) as I affectionately refer to it as - is truly "no talent noise." OK - I'll get off my soap box. I just can't get into humming a rap song. - Now let's all join in a verse of American Pie - now that's a classic!

Doc - let me quote the Carpenters - "You've only just begun......" If you think a 9 yr old is condolences. I guess I feel the generation gap somewhat. My kids are 22 and 19. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I am their mother and not a friend. The older they get - the more they seem to identify with you. By the way Ann Marie - (my son) Mark said to tell Amy "Hello". Also, I give you all the credit in the world - trying for #5. I think I would have to take the bridge if that was me. After 19 yrs. I don't think that I could start all over again. I'm really enjoying my freedom again. You go girl!!!

And no I did not foget about Rose Vnukowski-Garrity. Actually, I see Rose several times a week. In addition to being church secretary at St. John's, Larksville she is also at St. Frances Cabrini, Carverton and.... a member here at the Lake. Any other church
secretaries out there????

Ann Marie - thanks for the stuff from Beloit College - I usually run across that each year - and it really puts time in perspective. As Richard notes below with bridging the gap - I have done it twice. In my own family with 5 kids - being the oldest and having more than a 16 year gap from top to bottom - my younger sisters and brothers think they have doscovered Billy Joel, Elton John and Bob Dylan - they were stunned a few years back when I pulled out the vinyl records of those three -- then when I told them I saw Harry Chapin at King's College - you would have thought a meteor struck. The second gap is with my kids - I cannot imagine what it will will like when they get older and into their teens - my oldest (9) is getting trendy with her clothes - will only wear bell bottoms! Oh well, we are old!!!!

Lee - I guess us "high finance" people have fooled you "engineers" all these years -- we just get to see the real story (not the marketing spin) of how bad things are -- and realize it might have been better to get laid off when money was available for the severance packages!

How disappointing,Helen, with the e address - I think we all had all kinds of illusions/delusions on what HOTC39 stood for!

Thanks to all who have jumped in - I have come to enjoy checking this space daily - and am looking forward to the reunion

Monday, August 12, 2002

Omigosh Ann Marie, it’s hard to believe that we lived through so much, what’s more hard to believe is that our parents let us live long enough to say it, I suppose times were a lot different back then. As for Helen, you’re still the queen of trivia, the answer was just bothering me and I had to know where you were talking about, I for one can say I’ve never been in that restaurant, but my husband was. Let’s see, for the Church Ladies, you’ve forgotten another Church Lady, Rose Vnukowski, she’s over at St. John The Baptist in Larksville and tells me she loves it, they have a new priest there, his name is Father Jerry, I guess you 3 can call yourselves the 3 Musketeers, watch out SNL, see what a fine 4 year catholic education can do for you. Helen, you are right, your name can get you in trouble, when you 1st. e-mailed me I thought it was just more junk mail to get rid of that I get from time to time. At my husband’s reunion most of the alumni were attorneys, it looks like most of our alumni are engineers and somewhere in the computer field, looks like we did pretty well, we also have some in the medical field, and on and on, it must be that 4 good years of catholic corporal punishment, I mean education. On a boring note, we’re still waiting for replies and for memory pictures (sorry to be repetitive).

Whew, Ann Marie, that was a good long posting. As for going to China or India, I didn't mean me, I meant my job! I was in China last year and was astonished at what was being accomplished in the manufacturing plants. The average wage in the factory I visited was 18 cents/hr for the assembly workers and there were people lined up outside waiting to get hired on. The engineers were making 80 cents/hr and they were doing amazing work with the latest 3D CAD systems and all the documentation was in English! I realized then that any products that are consumed in high enough quantities will eventually be made there, at least until the wages rise to some level that makes it competitive to move elsewhere. I'm sure that you've noticed that more and more of the items we buy are stamped 'Made in China' and I think it's because there's such a disparity between their wages and the rest of the world. China isn't the only place with low wages, of course, there are the Phillipines, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries almost as inexpensive in which to manufacture.

So the reason I may have to find a new gig is because I work with high volume, high tech manufactured goods. I like Doc's gig, high finance, because they need you around to count the losses just as much as they need you to count the profits .

As to Ann Marie's frustration about paragraphs, remember that the composing window lets you put in some rudimentary HTML commands and so I just use a < p > (without the spaces) to get a new paragraph. A new line can be forced with a < br > (again, without the spaces). Also, if you want to add emoticons, here is the link to that page.

Arrgghhhh...Lee...the past few entries have come up without paragraphs! Why is it all running together on me?

Age and wisdom with the class of '77...nah...sounds too good to be true. One thing I can say from the photos I have seend is that so far it looks like we've all aged like a bottle of fine wine. The older we get the better the taste, the deeper and richer the color.
Helen, I never thought 25 years ago I would have 4 children and be trying at 42 for a 5th!

I am grateful for the past 11 years abroad. Living away from home and in different cultures has given me a totally different prespective on life.

Since September 11 I have had to watch the US from the outside. The locals here are highly critical of the US, especially since the 11th. (It's another exucse to blame another entity for the economic instability here, rather than the local government and the locals themselves.)

I was flying on AA that day from Orlando to the Caribbean. My daughter and I were on our way to the airport when her boyfriend called and told us to go back to her place. I can still hear Amy talking to him on her cell like it was an everday ocurrance, `The WTC, that place is always getting bombed.' She was not concerned in the least. Not even when she heard the Pentagon was hit. When we got home and turned on the TV about 10:10 it began to hit her.

I was already shaking in the car after speaking with Evan. I couldn't understand how it happened. How could our security be breached...especially around the Pentagon. I can still remember having the air aid drills in elementary school and not fully understanding why we had to get under our desks. Even as I grew older and knew why, it never really disturbed me. I was really shaken on the 11th. In a spiritual sense and as an American.

The industry I am in has been hit hard since the 11th. I am not faced with a possible layoff, but may need to lay off some staff. I'm working on budgets for our new year. I have taken a pessimistic look...worse case...which means staff cuts. I just can't find one person I need or want to cut. Business can be cold and hard and lonely.

I watched my Dad change his job in his early 60's. It was the best decision he made.
Watching my Dad has never made me afraid of or resist changes. Life is change. The way we look at life is the way we will treat life. My life has been blessed. I won't go through a mid-life crisis. I have achieved far different dreams than what I had originally wanted to do.

Yes, the grass does look greener on the other side...but for just a time. I find it's how you treat the grass on this side, before you can go to the other side. If you don't take care of what's on this side, you'll do the same on the other side and soon be looking for greener pastures again, and again and again. It becomes an unsatisfying never-ending circle.

Treat the grass well on this side, water it, nuture it, fertilize it, love it and when you're ready to move to another side...the next side will be much greater and more enjoyable.

Helen, I laughed the first time I saw your email address. Thanks for letting us know what it stands for.

Lee, India and China may look greener, but if I were you I would go as a last resort. If you want to know me, I will give you some things to consider.

Karen, again a great observation as to the AP class was not the only class that pulled some tricks at school. We had a lot of people in our class and a lot of different groups. And a lot of different things that went on.

I was reading this the other day...some Karen has already mentioned, but it is some food for thought:

The Class of 2005

Just in case you weren't feeling old enough today, this will certainly change things. Each year the staff at Beloit College in
Wisconsin puts together a list to try to give the Faculty a sense of the mindset of this year's incoming freshman. Here is this
year's list:

The people who are starting college this fall across the nation were born in 1983. They have no meaningful recollection of the
Reagan Era and probably did not know he had ever been shot.

They were prepubescent when the Persian Gulf War was waged. There has been only one Pope in their lifetime. They were 10 when the Soviet Union broke apart and do not remember the Cold War.

They are too young to remember the space shuttle blowing up. Tianamen Square means nothing to them. Bottle caps have always
been screw off and plastic and there have always been ball point pens.

Atari predates them, as do vinyl albums.The statement "You sound like a broken record" means nothing to them. They have never owned a record player. They have likely never played Pac Man and have never heard of Pong.

They may have never heard of an 8 track. The Compact Disc was introduced when they were one year old.

They have always had an answering machine. Most have never seen a TV set with only 13 channels, nor have they seen a black and white TV. They have always had cable.

There have always been VCRs, but they have no idea what BETA was. They cannot fathom not having a remote control. They don't know what a cloth baby diaper is, or know about the "Help me, I've fallen and I can't ! get up" commercial.

They were born the year that Walkmen were introduced by Sony. Roller skating has always meant inline for them. Jay Leno has
always been on the Tonight Show. They have no idea when or why Jordache jeans were cool.

Popcorn has always been cooked in the microwave. They have never seen Larry Bird play. They never took a swim and thought about

The Vietnam War is as ancient history to them as WWI, WWII and the Civil War. They have no idea that Americans were ever held hostage in Iran. They can't imagine what hard contact lenses are.

They don't know who Mork was or where he was from.(The correct answer, by the way, is Ork) They never heard: "Where's the beef?", "I'd walk a mile for a Camel," or "De plane, de plane!"

There has always been MTV. They don't have a clue how to use a typewriter.

Helen; I;m thinking good plan-who would have thought that we would end up doing the church gig? Twenty-five years ago we probably had more dirty thoughts then good ones-maybe not you but me!!!!!! But I would'nt change a thing-then or now. As for being the little old church lady-you and me can form a support group. I have been reading all the trivia and I'm thinking-where was I when this was going on? I did'nt think I would get senile until I was really old! I'm still trying to think of something to stump the crowd with-hopefully I will come up with something before the reunion. Finally-Richard Hometchko-how about a hello from a former member of the Trinity gang?

God, we're all beginning to sound like our parents - but with age comes wisdom -(one would think.) Did you ever think that 25 years ago we would sound so "mature". I guess that I must concede my self-proclaimed "trivia queen" title to Karen. I'm not sure I would have taken the time ( I don't have that kind of time) to research and actually come up with an answer.

I guess we should all be grateful for what we have and for job security. As I mentioned I am the Admin. Assistant (glorified secretary) at Our Lady of Victory Church in Harveys Lake. Not a glamorous job but I guess if I want - I could end up being the "little old church lady". Dorothy and I will have to start a "Church Ladies Union". (Maybe we could get a gig on SNL!!!) But then I will have to change my e-mail address to "LOCL". My current e-mail (HOTC39) stands for Helen Of The Church. I do have to admit my address has gotten me into some trouble though. But don't take life too seriously - it's too short! As for Lee thinking of a new career - I can't give you any advice - I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

Well it's nice to see two other students, besides myself, came to the understanding that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, but you two are really giving your good friend, John Nardone, a hard time, you two are really mean, John may just retaliate and sue both of you for using his name on the internet when you take for granted that you are accusing and aren't alledging and using the internet, let's not forget John Nardone is an attorney, and guilty or not, there were many other weird and wacky things that were done during our 4 years at BOR that John had nothing to do with, I can remember a class with Sister Bertilla and at a certain time we would all hum and upon entering her class we would all step over an invisible line, I think we all drove her crazy, and just for anyone's information, John Nardone wasn't in that class. I'm not sticking up for him, but he isn't an only alleged guilty party in our class. I also remember that clock in the Library and how the 2nd hand was off, but the clock kept accurate time, I wonder if it's still there, I guess I'll have to wait until the tour.

Lee is right - the grass always does seem greener - we should all appreciate what we have! As far as opportunities where I am (Marconi Communications) - I am in the wonderful world of telecommunications. The layoffs HP has done are "minor" compared to the surgery here - since I started (July 2000), we have laid off/sold off about 80% of the North American workforce - when I started, were about 22,000 people in the US - now there are about 4000. By the way Lee - I am in the financial end of it - run an operation encompassing North South adn Central Americas.

I know it is after the fact - but I knew about the pig and the Declaration - wanted to see if anyone else would jump in. Remember all - when in doubt with "activities" concerning the class - a solid guess is always John Nardone

Sunday, August 11, 2002

I'm back from my Aspen trip and can see that the pizza joint trivia question has been solved by Karen who really knows how to do in-depth research. Since my questions were very arcane, I'll go ahead and post the answers to them. Helen obviously knew the last one, thus preserving her title as undisputed trivia queen. They were:

Q: Who was responsible from dangling a fetal pig from the Biology lab much to the horror of Mr. Lynch's class below?

A: Even if you weren't there, I'm surprised no one guessed it was John Nardone.

Q: In addition to the original signers of the Declaration of Independence, which classmates "John Hancock's" graced the copy under glass in the library for many years?

A: Again, John Nardone was behind this, but my signature was there too. We did this as sophomores and it lasted until after we graduated. I think the gag's longevity was in using a script that was reminiscent of the times, although the font and size resembled John Hancock's more than the others. The original signers were also kind enough to leave some blank space for others who concurred to insert their signatures.

Q: What was the theme song from our senior prom? (hint: an astute reader of the website can find this answer)

A: If you click on the picture of the mug on the main page, you'll get a bigger image and looking at it closely will reveal the answer: "Lost without Your Love"

Below Rob comments: "It is a rough life you live, Lee! Oshkosh, Aspen, at least 2 planes, etc. -- could i send you a resume and see if I could get in on the gig!?!"

Hmmm, the grass looks a little greener when you put it that way . Except I don't have two planes. I sold the Piper Colt to Diane Bixby's father a few years ago. As for Aspen, it's only a few hours away by car, so it's not much different than living near the East Coast and visiting the Jersey shore. And Oshkosh is in Wisconsin, which isn't exactly a tourist mecca, except for those of us with airplane addictions. If you want in on this gig, I might be able to get you a position at HP, but not right now (I used to be a PSU campus recruiter, but I haven't done any recruiting in two years). For 60 years, HP prided itself in never having a layoff and now, in less than a year, my division has had two 30+% layoffs! I'm not worried though, I always have the skills I acquired at Perkins to fall back on, should times get really tough .

So there's the close up of grass on this side of the fence.

In reality, I don't really feel too bad about it. I think that as long as I'm alive and breathing, there is no reason to fret over small things like whether we'll get out of the high tech depression in the next year or the next decade. In a sobering thought recently, I felt like perhaps my chosen career (engineering) might be on its way out of this country for greener pastures in India and China. It might be time to find a new gig what exactly is it that you do Rob, and do you have any openings in your organization?

Karen, I think you are going to give Helen, the self proclaimed trivia queen a run for the title! It looks like you will be taking over the crown or the two of you sharing it. So many of us had different friends and different hang-outs. I sit here and realize how much I had missed out on in senior year.

Friday, August 09, 2002

Hi Everyone, Well, drum roll please, here's the puzzling answer to the question, I think, let's see, is Helen thinking of Loefladd, not too sure of the spelling, but no, that's a seafood place long gone, hmm, it must be DaLuca's, not too sure of the spelling, but I think it's right. I know that's the place but I couldn't remember the name either, I even asked my husband, but all he could remember was the name had an L in it, so I researched, much like I did in trying to find most of our classmates. I went over to the Recorder of Deeds Office in the Courthouse, all they knew was that Weiss owned the building and leased it out, but someone who works there knows a lot of people in Edwardsville, but couldn't remember the place either, he spoke with one of the Fire Chief's Assistants, he knew the name, apparently the place burned and several firefighters were also burnt in the blaze, so the place is well known to Edwardsville residents, especially firefighters. Mystery solved. Sorry Helen, I really don't remember the place but I did get your answer for you, so what's the next trivia ? Helen??????

Helen - Lamplighter or Fireside ring any bells?

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Ok - I know I'm easily confused but thank you Doc - we are in the Gateway and yes it was very dimly lit inside and the pizza was crunchy. It was somewhere after the peanut shoppe and the Acme was on the corner. Come on cross over the street Dorothy. It was a nice try though - thanks. Anyway- I can't seem to find anyone who remembers the name of this place - not that it's all that important. Oh well... time to go home. Have a good nite!

Dorothy - think on the other side of Wyoming Ave - the Gateway Shopping Center. Antonio's was in the Narrows right next to where Baskin Robbins was/is - I don't know if Helen (our trivia expert) is confused with her geography

Helen; Could you be thinking of Antonios? He's the same guy that was up the mall and then moved to the Narrows.
I can't think of any other place down there except for the pancake house, the speakeasy and Vispis.

It is a rough life you live, Lee! Oshkosh, Aspen, at least 2 planes, etc. -- could i send you a resume and see if I could get in on the gig!?!

Helen has me stumped with the pizza place - i can picture it, but no names are coming to me - if I remember, it was not well lit and the pizza was crunchy. With her comment on the donuts being $4.50 per dozen -- at the new store in Pittsburgh - they are $9.99 per dozen - but you get a second dozen of glazed for free - so that it is about $5 per dozen

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

I'm going to be in Aspen for a few days, so things may get a little quiet. It's been so great interacting with all of you that have sent me email and posted to the's just hard to describe the memories that have come flooding back into my mind! See you soon...

My trivia question about the pizza place also has me stumped - that's why I'm asking. (Sorry - it's the Gateway Shopping Center. The other side of the "Ave" is the Narrows.) Can't answer the 1st two of Lee's questions but the answer to the third is in a picture on this website. Just a little hint.

Did you know that a dozen of Krispy Kreme donuts is $4.50 in Ocean City,MD.???? How insane is that? I remember ordering them in grade school for snack and we paid .10 for them.

Wow Lee, that's quite a dictionary! You learn something new every day!!!!

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

My slang definition of 'fly' came from this dictionary which a little too racy for this website so you can see I had to tone it down a bit. I'm still a little worried about fitting a slang definition of being 'soled down'.

As for the [Post] vs. [PUBLISH] items, if you just hit [Post] your composition goes into the window that lets you preview and edit it. When you're done, you still have to select [PUBLISH] (in the lower window) to get it to appear on the web page. If you use [Post & Publish] it all happens in one step. You can always edit or delete your own postings. As an admistrator, I also see postings waiting to be published when I sign into the blogger composing screen if the author didn't publish it.

As can be expected, Helen has me totally stumped with her trivia question on the pizza joint. However, I have a few really arcane trivia questions of my own.

Who was responsible from dangling a fetal pig from the Biology lab much to the horror of Mr. Lynch's class below?

In addition to the original signers of the Declaration of Independence, which classmates "John Hancock's" graced the copy under glass in the library for many years?

What was the theme song from our senior prom? (hint: an astute reader of the website can find this answer)

Ok - being the self proclaimed "trivia queen" I challenge anyone to live in this "small" valley and not know the answers to many of the
questions being asked by the "out of towners". One needs to know what's goin on - especially when you have an 18 yr old to keep track of. I must admit that I'm completely lost on this lingo - but living in the valley - we're always a few years behind. Dorothy mentioned the Moonlight - there's only one drive-in remaining. The Garden Drive-In in Hunlock Creek is still there and even has two screens now. We're movin' on up! Does anyone remember the name of the pizza place that was in the Narrows Shopping Center -
to the left of the Acme????? Many of us went there for Senior lunch. It was like a little Italian Restaurant.

By the way George Appel says "hello" to everyone. I see him at church (can you believe????) That's all the trivia for today!!!!

I am getting a kick out of Krispy Kreme - they have just opened two stores in the Pittsburgh area - and they are all the rage - it is like doughnuts never existed before - and it seems to be very black and white - either people love them or hate them with no in-betweens. I think FATHER Grimalia would love you Dorothy for the promotion!

I'm really enjoying the "trivia portion of these notes-here some new ones out there-see how many you remember or know about-how about going to Burger King for lunch or Krispy Kreme before school-(chocolate covered glazed and hot chocolate)-the Moonlight drive in-for more than just the movie(yea baby!!!!!)and one from my own personal file-the day me and the gals skipped out of lunch to go the mall in dads car and realizing that Mosignor Grimalia was behind us! Yikes!!!! That one would have gotten us detention for a month. All good times though-anybody else out there with memories?

I think Ann Marie might have some advantage over us all with the lingo since she lives in the Islands. I wonder if I need to revert to my 5+ years living in Detroit City to get some real interpretations of street talk!

Personally, I like the suggestion below of the "trivia games" - we could see if anyone could beat Helen to the punch to identify things from the BO'R days/Valley.

Also - help me out webmaster Lee - when I do the post and publish - under my post it says "edit" - is that just because I was the writer?

Lee, I'm not sure where you got your dictionary of slang terms, (dated too much to the '70's maybe) but the term "you're so fly" does not mean a studly male or a woman that wants to show off to her friends they they would like to be "taken" by that male again.
If you are using the updated dictionary "New Millennium Slang Terms Dictionary", (Atiba and Nadia Version, circa August 2002), you would find that the term "you're so fly" means you are hip, cool or a '90's term...rad. In other words you are on top of things. You can cut style.
Post another recent picture and I will have Atiba and Nadia confirm if you are "soled-down".
I've received a few emails that people have been reading the blogs, but these people aren't posting anything. about the trivia game. That may get a few more people involved in the blog.
Lee, what is the differnce between "post", "publish and the "post and publish" buttons. When one clicks on the "post and publish" doesn't it perform two functions in one?
Jeeze Karen, some of the things you've written about brought back memories. I didn't even remember that BK had a yumbo. I can't even tell you what BK and McDonalds has these days as there isn't either on the island, and when I'm home in the States, they are the last places I want to eat at.
You know people laugh when I tell them I remember the first Texas instrument calculators and the first ring top aluminum can...Budweiser it was.

Hi folks, I just want to give you all a friendly reminder that when you get done with the 'POST' button, you must remember to use the 'PUBLISH' button. Otherwise, when I enter the blog and have to do it for you. It's not a big deal really, not like when someone forgets to flush, but if you go through the trouble of composing a beautiful message and then it doesn't appear, it's because you forgot to flush, er, I mean publish .

Thanks for calling me 'fly' Ann Marie, I can see it means:

fly n. Super fly, so fly, ultimate fly, fly fly. Compliment, meaning a studly male, or simply a good compliment--as cool, or attractive. Time period 70's to present. Used by females to show off to their friends--that they would like to get [deleted] by that guy again-any time., Can also be used by males to describe a hot female. circa/ 1970's.

I'm afraid the 'soled down' comment is lost on maybe I'm not so cool after all .

I put some maps and directions on the main page to Hamilton Park so no one should get lost enroute to the picnic. Thanks for all the vivid memories Karen, I forgot all about the Yumbo sandwich. Makes me hungry for some thinly sliced ham and cheese on a bun...

Monday, August 05, 2002

Hi Everyone. Well looks like everything is going well with the festivities. We’re just waiting for a few more replies for the memory book. Lee has done an awesome job in forwarding to me what he has received through e-mails. I also want to thank everyone for all the e-mails to pass along to our classmate who has a “crappy life”, I was shocked to find out that our Classmate, along with myself, DOES NOT have a perfect life, yeah right, so far, looks like no one else does either, so what else is new. I guess we can all go back to being a kid again when something gets messed up in our present life and as the saying goes, do over. Where have those teachers gone with the chalkboard, chalk and eraser that would make you redo the math problem over and over until you did it right, I suppose they were getting us primed for Life outside Bishop O’Reilly. Speaking of days gone by, I recently read an article in a free paper we have out here called the Weekender, it spoke of some old things that we had and it sort of asked, we had it then, did we use it, not use it at all and do we really miss it, it referred to things I really forgot about and some things I don’t want to remember like the Houston Oilers, the article also referred to the Yumbo Sandwich at Burger King, The Smurfs, who could forget Smurfette, 8 Track Tapes, 45 rpm records, McDonald’s McBLT’s (I don’t go there much and thought they were still around) and on and on. I wrote something similar to this before but more of us should because I did forget about a lot of things, especially as a child, too bad I lost a lot of things during the 1972 Flood, I would be making Mega Bucks now on E-Bay as I can remember having a Chatty Cathy Doll, Barbie and an Easy Bake Oven, and how about the guys they had Match Box Cars, and for some classmates KISS Dolls, I recently even bought my husband who just turned 40 a Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots for his birthday, still in the original box and all brand new, he was even telling me how he collected Baseball Cards, now there’s some memories. Now think of everything we have now that we didn’t have before, like computers, we had typewriters though, I can still remember using that pencil type eraser for mistakes, you remember, the one with the bristle brush end, no delete button on a typewriter and no Pepsi Twist available either, we also had that laundry type book bag, no backpacks in school then, but there is a good side to all of this, when everyone makes a visit back home, there’s still Kirby Park, not too many changes there and there’s always Dairy Queen, a wonderful memory. Speaking of memories, no one helped us out by submitting pictures for our presentation, so that may be nixed, unless of course you, our classmates, intend on bringing whatever snapshots you took at O’Reilly to the reunion, everyone seems to be enjoying mine on the website, even though they’re not really good, they still bring back memories. If you get a chance between now and the reunion, many of you took lots and lots of pictures during our 4 years at O’Reilly, now is the time to pull them out of those drawers and start looking at them and bring them along to the reunion, what are you saving them for anyway. Think about it, I don’t think we had throw-a-way cameras either when we were in school. Well enough said for now, but when you take a look back at your old pictures that you have hidden away I guarantee you’ll look at them and say “I can’t believe I really wore a Leisure Suit”, and “what was I thinking when I bought that dress”, and then you’ll have a good laugh and think of all the good memories while looking back.

Rob,thanks for the insight into the whereabouts of the picnic. With Zach playing ball-I've been to fields from Hazelton to Scranton, just never bothered to notice names. Also, I hope alot of people are going to try to get to the "pig" Friday night. The place has vastly improved since the O'Reilly days and should be alot of fun-and God knows we can all use alot more fun in our lives!!!!!!!

Go Mr. Rodgers. Looks like you are pretty well up on your slang terms.
Did you know you're so "fly"?
Can you post a picture so that we could see if you're "soled-down"?
I would love to hear more from other people too. Hello is anyone else out there?

Lee/Karen - maybe you both could help get the directions to Hamilton Park out to the wider audience -- as Dorothy mentions below - it is the park near the Kingston Pool and the Kingston Little League fields. Following might be close for directions -- heading down Rutter Ave(coming off, or over, the Cross Valley and heading towards Kingston)- continue on Rutter Ave to the first stop light (intersection of Rutter Ave and Dorrance Street) and make a left onto Dorrance St. Continue for about 3/4 to 1 mile on Dorrance and you will see the complex on the left hand side behind the Little League fields.

Also - I agree with many of the things said below - and feel bad that Karen was subjected to someone's diatribe. I think we all, in some ways, wish we could have done things differently at some point - but such is life. As Ann Marie notes - God is the answer, and as long as we all trust in Him, things will work out (but not always in the manner , or timeframe, we expect).

Anyway - I am really looking forward to Labor Day weekend - prior to starting this correspondence, the only person from our class I had any contact with in the past 20 years has been Debbie Cannon Cramer (she married my college roomamte) - also, I lived with Rick Leandri in New York City for a few months. Otherwise, it will be reacquainting for all.

Sunday, August 04, 2002

Dorothy! I'm so proud of you that you were able to figure out the weblog thingy! I just did a quick count and it appears I've invited 56 people and 13 have figured it out and joined. Of those, 10 have posted messages and for that I am eternally grateful. Like I've mentioned in a previous post, this is the only entertainment I get from the website so it's always a joy to see a new name appear. I think that some people equate posting a message on an electronic bulletin board to public speaking, which many fear more than death. I don't like public speaking, but posting on a bulletin board has never bothered me. If you tell your kids you're contributing to a 'blog', they'll think you're phat. Speaking of which, our fellow graduate, Ralph Marsh was 'phat' more than 25 years before anyone ever knew it was phat to be phat!

Lee, I was able to do this!!!! So proud of myself because the extent of my internet access is shopping on line or playing black jack (hahahah) Would someone please tell me where Hamilton Park is in Kingston? There is a park that Zach played ball at near the Kingston Pool-is it the same one? I would really like to try to make it to the picnic but George works Saturdays and scheduling may be difficult. Jay, its nice to know that I am in your thoughts-getting a chuckle out of seeing my name come up in conversation.

I agree with you Lee about a person's happiness being based on a certain set of attitudes. For me it is my spiritual walk with God. Each day I become closer and closer with God. Each day my values and attitudes take on a new meaning. My walk is a continual learning process that deepens my respect and well-being for my neighbor. (You know Lee for the last several days each time I hear or speak the word neighbor I now think of you and I am ready to break out into a chorus of Mr. Rodgers neighborhood. *laughter*)
I think the DJ is a great idea, but it still would be nice for "Just Us" to do a small cameo.\
Has anyone thought of setting up a video camera for this function? It would be great to watch it in 10 years time.

The musical entertainment is a DJ. I am not sure of all the decision-making behind the DJ choice, but I believe it was motivated by wanting everyone to be able to enjoy the reunion and not be impressed into labor while the rest of us were off having a good time and catching up with each other.

As for staying away from the reunion because your grass doesn't look as green as another's, I think that would be a real shame. I read a book called As a Man Thinketh and found that it contained lots of wisdom that has had a profound influence on me over the years. (That link contains the full text of the book). I forget it occasionally so I have to go back and re-read the book, because it's very natural to look upon situations in life as being unfair. One of the profound messages of the book is that a happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.

Saturday, August 03, 2002 Karen you're right about the grass not always being green on the other side. I don't know about anyone else, but life has not been a bed of roses for me. I have had a lot of ups and downs. But through everything, the older I get the wiser I become. What was happening in my life for the '88 reunion was terrible. I didn't want to attend the '88 reunion because I had so many problems and so many situations that had happened in my life that I was ashamed of. I just couldn't face any of my classmates. I felt like a failure.
13 years later I feel totally different.
Today, I'm not worried about impressions or what people think of me and what I have done with my life. This isn't high school. I would hope we've grown into people that can be sensitive and aware of others feelings. I would hope we have grown into people that have that special touch of being able to reach out to another person and genuinely be able to enjoy the company of the person. I would hope that we have grown into people that don't use measuring sticks on people based on looks, financial status, class etc.
The emails I have exchanged with Lee, Karen and Rose have been warm and genuine. I have felt welcome and most comfortable and it has been a pleasure to catch up with these three classmates.
It's been good to go back home in the emails. As I have said before, it has been a very blessed and special time for me. Thanks, Karen, Lee and Rose. Thanks for giving me a piece of home.
Karen, it counds like Jay is hinting around that "Just Us" want a gig. *warm smile* I think a cameo appreance would be great.
Yes Jay, I know Dorothy and George were "married" in high school it was the happily ever after that came as a nice surprise.

Friday, August 02, 2002

Who's the musical entertainment? Maybe Joe, Paul, Corrine and I could do something of a cameo apperance. I'm going to have my guitar with me, as I am playing for a wedding at my church prior to my departure for Nostalgia-land. If not, we'll all just party anyway! Ipromise to bring a few pics of the kids if you all will. we can trade horror stories! As far as Dorothy and George, I thought they "were" married in high school! (ha ha)

Hi Everyone. You guys are killing me with this name tag situation, relax, it’s not that bad, pretty much to everyone’s surprise, everyone looks the same, just a little older, besides I had enough of being tagged when think about it, this female hated wearing that stupid uniform, and lucky me got to wear a uniform for 12 long years, until I finally bailed out of O’Reilly, I mean graduated. All kidding aside, you will be surprised to know that no one has really changed, the only one I really didn’t recognize was Bernie Solack, I wouldn’t have known him if I passed him. So what if anyone has gray hair, if you like it, keep it, if you don’t I think Clairol is having a sale and if you don’t have any hair, so what, we’re not getting together to size anyone up, we’re getting together to renew old friendships. You guys are in a panic for nothing, I guarantee it. I guess I’m just rambling because I received a disturbing e-mail today from one of our classmates and this person said they weren’t going to any of the functions because their life “was crappy”, so I sent a very extensive e-mail explaining that the “Grass ISN’T Always GREENER on the Other Side” and it’s not and everyone has problems, and life goes on. I suppose 911 hasn’t hit everyone into knowing you don’t know how long you have, so enjoy what you have. Well I hope that person changes their mind like I’m hoping we’ll all see Ann Marie (not the person I was referring to) at our Reunion Functions, I already hear Victory Pig calling out your name Ann Marie. Ann Marie they’re creating a new Carey Avenue Bridge and you’ll be here just in time before they destroy the old one. Well I hope they’ll be a big turnout for our reunion, Arlene told me today, we already have a few replies, my goodness, doesn’t anyone know of overnight express or priority mail, only joking.

It may be interesting to guess who is who without the name tags - or - It may well be interesting
to see what Karen has up her sleeve. Karen, you do have an unfair advantage
as you get to see any pictures of people before they get to the re-union - you
may have sized everyone up and determined "like" celebrity names to go along with
each person ... Hmmm

With the picnic - if it rains, there is no alternative plan - we will all need to wait until Sat night to see eachother - sorry, it is just too difficult to try and find alternative plans for a picnic! feels good to read others blogs besides Lee and I. A few more people jumping in would be great and I'm sure would add some variety.
Here's a thought Robabout the picnic at Hamilton park...what happens if it is raining? Is there a back-up venue planned?
Helen, thanks for the update on Mickey's, Seminary and the train tracks Helen. So there's even an occassional train, it's nice to know that some things are still around. Those tracks bring back some good memories. I spent a lot of time hiking back and forth from school and school functions. That was another place Rose and solved a lot of problems.
Has anyone seen or heard from Chris Zambito? Chris, Rose and a few others walked the tracks before many a dance, b-ball game, or wrestling meet.
Jeeze Dorothy, I didn't realize until the other day that you married George. You two must be together over 20 years!
Karen, I'm in agreement with you about the name tags...anything I've attended that name tags were given, about a 1/3 of the way through they come off. But you know since Lee looks so much like Mr. Rodgers, why not have a special name tag made for him just in case everyone gets confused and starts singing Mr. Rodgers theme song.
Lee, mistake #1...showing us the resemblance between you and Mr. Rodgers.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

[ED: The following is from Dorothy] Hi everyone!! This little system Lee has going here is so very interesting that it finally got me on the computer instead of Zachary!! I'm glad to see that there has been such a great response to all the activities that are planned for out Reunion-its going to be really great to see everyone again. Just reading all the information on everyone-its nice to see that so many dreams have come true and so many of you are where you want to be in your life. I've been so busy all summer with my son the third baseman-he's played regular season baseball and just finished all stars where his team placed second in districts (to all the men out there-this is good no?) Any way, I' ll keep reading these little notes and if anyone would like to drop me a line-do so, I'd love to hear from you.
Dorothy Semanek Artim

Hi to all. Well it's nice to see some new names on the weblog besides Ann Marie and Lee. I try to post occasionally. In regards to the name tags, that problem has now been resolved, there will be name tags, sort of, it's kind of a surprise, besides who wants to wear a piece of paper with their name handwritten on it, and I expect Lee to be wearing his all evening. What I am really concerned about is people are not sending me their pictures/histories. I didn't know we had so many celebrity lookalikes in our Class. I'm so glad Jay can at least make a reunion function, what's a reunion without him, oh and by the by the way, if I'm not mistaken Jay is pretty close to being a celebrity too, as he was seen a few months back trying out for the Weakest Link!!! So Lee, now that we know you resemble Mr. Rodgers, are you going to sing Karaoke It's a Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood.???

Thanks Rob and Helen for jumping back in and posting the details on the picnic. Helen, remind me never to challenge you to a trivia or a karaoke contest . I thought that name tags would be a good idea, but it appears that the committee had already been through that discussion and then nixed the idea. I am not really a committee member since I've only been to one meeting so I will defer to their superior knowledge on the matter. Karen had attended a reunion recently and noticed that the people either didn't wear the name tags or took them off after a while. I think that it shouldn't be too much trouble to get a roll of those sticky adhesive labels and a felt pen so we could put our first names on them so that when people came up to us, they wouldn't have to start searching the dark corners of their minds trying to reassociate a name with a new and (no-doubt) improved face. It could be completely optional, and particularly useful for those who have transformed into works of breathtaking beauty, like Joe Petrasek, who I might have otherwise mistaken for David Hassellhoff.

Hi to all. It's been I while since I was here. I do try to keep up with the new info on a regular basis. For Ann Marie - Mickey's is no longer a store. Not sure what's there now but they closed many years ago. Seminary is still going strong and they've made many improvements to the fields etc.; and yes most importantly the train tracks are still there and even an occassional train every now and then. Sorry I won't be able to attend any of the other functions happening the weekend of the reunion but duty calls. I have two weddings that I will be singing for that weekend - one on Friday night and one Saturday afternoon. By the way, Mr. Rogers - I probably wouldn't have recognized you if I saw you on the street. Is the committee sure that we won't need name tags?????

Just so Lee and Ann Marie don't get lonely with each other - I will jump back in. With the invitations now out, wanted to give an overview on the Sat morning gathering at Hamilton Park in Kingston (for those interested). In a nutshell:
--open to all family members (including Moms and Dads, if interested) and, of course, any and all kids are welcome. Probably could bring pets (but the park is fairly open without much shade)
--it is BYOP (or bring your own picnic) - including beverages (non-alcoholic -- don't think booze is allowed). Might also want to bring a blanket, chairs, etc. It is just too difficult to try and arrange to bring food and drink for an unknown number!
--bring soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs, etc. I think it is going to be informal and we will see how "athletic" people want to be. We (I am including Kate Wood Garner, but will shoulder the burden ) will be organizing mini-soccer games, kickball games, basketball and relay races as the crowd wants

I just invited a bunch more people to the weblog. It seems the 'takeup' rate is around 50% and of those that join, only a handful have posted more than one or two comments. It would be nice for others to jump in and post any comments or questions as I'm sure it would spark more discussion. If you have joined and can't remember how to get to the composing screen, just go to and you should see a login and once you do that, the Bishop O'Reilly Weblog should appear as a menu selection. Go ahead and do it, especially if you have something you've been meaning to ask but have been procrastinating.