Friday, June 15, 2007

30th Reunion Date/Location Set

I got this message today from Michael Kinney so it appears that the reunion is a go. As you may recall, I sent out a request for a volunteer to head up the reunion about a month ago and had just about given up hope when Mike stepped up. Thanks Mike!

The Bishop O'Reilly Class of 1977 30th Reunion Committee met Thursday, June 14th and decided on a date and place for our reunion. We will have a 30th Class Reunion on Saturday, September 29th, 2007. The reunion will be held at R & D Memories on Fellows Ave in Hanover. No other details have been discussed.

The Committee members in attendance where: Arlene Galanda Kuharchik, Chuck Brennan, Karen Lanczak Leonardi, Maryellen Finley Cusma, Paul Reinert and Michael Kinney.

We are asking everyone with current addresses or other contact information of any our classmates to send them to Lee. We want to insure everyone receives an invitation. Thank you for your help.

Another topic discussed was a 50th birthday bash for all of us in two years as we all turn 50 years old! It will be a causal hopefully cook out type party during the summer months. I volunteered to chair that committee.

If anyone is interested in volunteering for the committee please contact Michael Kinney (570) 821-0464 or (570) 262-5463.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Reunion planning meeting this Thursday

I got a very nice compliment from Mary Lynn Delfino, the development Director of Development at Bishop O'Reilly about Chuck Brennan for volunteering to carry the gifts to the altar for the closing ceremony. A few days later, Chuck passed along these photos.

Here is his note:

I attended the O'Reilly closing ceremony on the 27th of May. Mike Kinney, Bev Yakus and Maryellen Finley were there as was awesome.. I brought the wine up to the altar during the mass at St. Ignatius Church as a reprepresentatative of the 70's decade. I attached two pics for you to share on the reunion is of myself and Linda Rakauskas(Serino)bringing up the wine and water. But the other one is the is of myself with my first cousin Molly(Sister Mary Alicia) to my right and guess who on my left? Sister Ines!!! Our Junior class moderator and my homeroom teacher as well as Chemistry teacher...her name is now Sister Donna Marie. My cousin explained to me that some years ago they had the opportunity to change their names to their Baptismal ones, so Sister Ines did. Hope you enjoy and keep me informed on reunion plans. I told Mike I could give him a hand if he takes the lead.

Take care,
Chuck Brennan

Speaking of the reunion, Mike Kinney sent me an email yesterday and they are going to have a planning meeting on June 14th if anyone want to attend.

The Bishop O'Reilly Class of Classes 1977 will hold a 30th Class reunion meeting on Thursday, June 14, 6:30 PM the Bakehouse. ( 152 S. Wyoming Ave. Kingston, across from the old 1977 Burger King!!) Anyone interested in helping or just visiting are welcome to attend.

If anyone has any questions I can be reached at home : (570) 821-0464 cell (which I don't answer during the day at work because it's in the van because it likes to jump off my belt and aggravating me!!!) is (570) 262-5463.

Thank you,