Monday, October 31, 2005

Balloons over Greeley
We're waiting patiently for Halloweeners as I write this and we have some pretty good weather for a change, not too too cold or wet like we have had for the past few years where we actually had SNOW for Halloween. I've included some pictures of the pumpkins we carved for the occasion which are sitting on the front porch to beckon our guests to get their treats.

I hope that everyone is having a pleasant Halloween and please check in with me sometime so we can update the blog with entries from other classmates.

Balloons over Greeley

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I know it's been a long time since anyone has written anything to this blog, but today I got an email that was the result of a Google search that connected us with a long lost friend so I wanted to write about it here. I met Terri through Linda Eskra who was Bob Wanat's girlfriend in high school. Terri and Linda also had a close circle of friends from Holy Trinity in Swoyersville that graduated from BOR in the class of '78. One of the people in that circle of friends was MaryLynn Kudey. Today I received an email from MaryLynn as a result of finding this blog on Google while searching for the Owen Street Bakery in Swoyersville. We were thrilled to hear from her. So I'm including high school photos of Linda and MaryLynn so that if anyone searches for them in the future, they may score a hit in this blog. We'd also like to find out where Linda is these days, because it's been 15 years since we've seen her.

We last ran into Linda in a ChiChi's restaurant in Lancaster, PA around 1990. We were just sitting there at a table and an attractive young woman walked up to our table and just smiled at us. We looked up and thought there was something familiar about her. Then Terri exclaimed, 'Linda!' and I realized I was looking the person who had introduced us to each other nearly 14 years earlier!

I think that it's only fair that I include a picture of Terri too, so you can see that the fashion statement in 1978 was definitely the cowl neck sweater :-). You'd think they'd never go out of style, based on how popular they were back then and a large percentage of the graduation photos that year featured the cowl neck.

It's a small world, and the Internet is making it smaller all the time.

On a related note, I got a call today from fellow classmate Dave Serhan. Dave and I were roommates at Penn State and I'm sure I drove him nuts with my addiction to Rush (which, coincidentally, was something I was introduced to by Bob Wanat in 1976). Dave told me that he was listening to the radio and a Rush song came on and he thought of me. So he gave me a call. I was out flying the LongEZ at the time so I missed the call. Flying is an addiction that I picked up from Dave. So it's been a strange day with lots of coincidences and synchronicity. Dave didn't leave a number and said he'd call back and when he calls, my phone will ring with, you may have guessed it, a ringtone from the song Tom Sawyer by Rush.