Monday, September 30, 2002

Hey, I'm into anything you guys want to do. I saw Mark Hession today. Why do we have to wait five years? With the miracle of e-mail, at least SOME of us can keep in touch, whether it be getting together at someone's house and passing a dish, or a park ,or whatever. We can't lose touch, guys! It took way too long to get back together. That weekend was total magic for me, and I'm STILL on a high (legally), from it. Hope you like the music, Dot, Joe, Mary, and Paul! You are ALL my good friends, gang!

Hello, well here's my input for the next class reunion, I do agree, our reunion was a success, a long time planning too, but here's an idea, don't know if anyone will agree or not, Tom may, especially since I think his backyard may be a bit too small for my idea, but here goes: I suggest having a Saturday day reunion at Konefal's Grove, have it the weekend of the St. John The Baptist Picnic in Larksville with the Ice Breaker on Friday night at the Picnic in Larksville (that way we know Rose Vnuknowski Garrity would attend) or the Holy Trinity Picnic, that way all the people from Holy Name would show, either one works for me, but for the Saturday Picnic combine the 1976/1977 classes, it would be bigger and more fun, say charge 10 to 15.00 per person to cover DJ/other expenses and all children 18 and under go free, let Doc supply the entertainment for the kids and have a covered dish, if you live too far to cook something, send an extra 10.00 per family or buy something, that way, no big expenses and a lot of fun and a lot of people. I say why wait till most of us are dead, combine classes now so you can see what other alumni look like, it's just a thought???? You may even want to combine a few more classes as well.

Hi everyone!! I'm still here as well--just lost for words which doesn't happen too often!! Hope everyone is well

Hi everyone; I'm still here too just that I had to crash my computer to get ride of some nasty sites that crept into our site. Still looking for Penn State tickets-possibly for the Virginia game. Any one got 3 they might want to sell at a reasonable price? I'm open to negotiations.

I am still out here - i just have not had anything to add to the HT discussions!

Sunday, September 29, 2002

Hi Karen and Jay, I figured that postings to the blog would taper off after the reunion so I'm not too surprised it's getting a little quieter around here. I've started to make some changes to the main web page to help plan for the next reunion, including the survey that Mike Laton asked me to put there about what kind of main event people would like to have. I think that having a few other events over the course of the weekend is still a good idea to give people an opportunity to attend at least one of them. Maybe we could experiment with something different for the main gathering. You can check out what I've got there so far and vote. I may change it later, but it looks like a good way to gauge interest. I'll send out another email in a few days to let people know it's there and hope to get Tommy's confirmation that he'd be a candidate to host the 30th. It would be embarrassing if it got selected and then have him tell us he wasn't serious! I guess another other issue is the date to have it and I thought that the 3-day Labor Day weekend worked out pretty well, but I'm sure there may be other preferences. Maybe I could put up a survey for that too, but I can't think of how I'd word it. Most people can't plan that far ahead!

Hello all, looks like all the H.T. people gave up writing, minu Jay of course. Lee awesome pizza pictures, but me making a pizza w/that much oil, in a heated oven, no doubt I'd have the fire engines at my home really fast, I think I'll just buy mine at VP. And as far as the pierogies, don't have much time to make them either, and they are a lot of work, so I just but them off of Mike Laton's mom, she usually has them most of the year, only not summer months due to the heat and bazaars but they are the closest to my grandmother's recipe but I'll try Helen's if she ever puts it on the weblog. I'm with Jay, what happened to everyone????

Saturday, September 28, 2002

Wow, people!!!!!!! We're lagging behind! Let's not forget each other this quickly! We've been too close for too long to let it go! I'm psyched at having found you all again! Let's keep it going. How about just logging on and saying everything's OK? That's what we all want to know anyway! We all care about how we're all doing first and foremost. Just my 1.5 cents worth....

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Lee I am not going to email you. Yes I want a CD and a memory book. I will send the payment out tomorrow. Who do I make the check out to and where do I mail it??????

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Terri and I made yet another VP-style pizza tonight. I photographed the procedure and made up a little web page for you guys. It would be great to do this with some other recipes, hint, hint. Didn't I hear one of our esteemed church ladies admit to knowing lots of recipes for pierogies and other Slovak foods? I think Homer also owes us a 'perfect martini' recipe. I did capture his Bloody Caesar recipe last time he posted it for us. I would love to assemble all this priceless knowledge into a web page for all to enjoy.

Incidentally, if you missed the reunion and want a Memory Book, Arlene has a few of these left and we can even throw in a free CD for the first half dozen of you that order. The cost is $15 + shipping. Some of you who submitted deposits but weren't able to make it to the reunion can parlay that deposit into this wonderful memento. The printed Memory Book has pictures not available anywhere else and is a beautifully bound book printed on glossy paper. Karen really went all out with this production and you'll definitely want to get one while they last. Arlene's contact information is in the email list. Please email me if you need the username/password to access that list.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Welcome Arlene! I'm glad that you are able to join us and thanks for all you did for the reunion. Karen, I'm glad you liked the double rainbow picture. I have found that I take many more pictures now that I have a digital camera, probably 5 times as many as when I did when I had just a film camera. I was pleased the way the rainbow came out and wanted to share it. The rainbow ended in my neighbor's tennis court and I think he may have some gold buried in there guarded by a mouse, or at least our cat likes must think so because he's always running over there. But you're right, I already found my pot of gold .

Helen, the timestamps on the postings should be Mountain Time or at least that's how I have it set up. I've noticed that sometimes in the composing window, it uses GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) which is about 5 hours ahead of the east coast. As I post this, it's about 5 a.m. MDT.

Monday, September 23, 2002

Hello everyone. Just wanted to let Lee know the pictures are beautiful, especially the double rainbow, I've only ever seen a double rainbow like that once before, it was just as beautiful, but Lee, gotta know, did you find the pot of gold at the end of either of those rainbows??? Ooops, forgot, you found your pot of gold when you met Terri, how stupid of me:) Where's A.M. Tribendis been, haven't heard from her lately. As far as the school nurse is concerned, if you're referring to Mrs. Ducey, she passed away a few years ago.

Homer, Just a note to say that I have heard a lot of things about Mark S., but I also have seen many things. He now lives on Lackawanna Avenue. When we were remodeling our home several years ago, we stayed with my mom. The cops were at his house all of the time for spousal abuse. He would chase her around with a gun, both inside and outside the house. He would wake us up at night with his yelling and her screaming. The fool is still with him.

Helen, what happened to Anthony Timonte? I know he was at St. Michael's for a while, but I never heard anything after that. We also lost Emil Pechal in a drowning accident.

Talk about a blast from the past. I went to my kids' school to meet the teachers, and while in my 8 year old's class, in walked James Jesikewicz. His son is in my daughter's class. He has 2 other kids. We talked for a while, but it was so weird to see him right after the reunion.

Does anyone remember the school nurse's name? She used to yell at me all the time for not being able to see without my glasses. I remember faces, but I'm bad with names.

Ms. Carr - she wasn't married - who would marry her????? Does anyone remember when she threw Francis Cajka on the floor and proceeded to step on him - several times - going back and forth from one end of the room to another?

I can also confirm several classmates - Bob Sabatini - does live in Dallas and is a member of the church here. Has a son who is 5 and a daughter 7mo. Joe
Jarski lives in W-B, manages to get around - don't see him too often; Anthony Timonte - deceased; Heidi - lives somewhere in the state of Pa. Her mom and dad now live in Dallas; haven't seen Ann Marie Yatsko in years. Classmates other than HTC - Mary Helen Carey-Little, is a member here at OLV Church, she has 3 boys. Also saw Karen Bolinski-Rentko - her husband catered a golf tournament dinner for us this past weekend. She looks the same - hasn't changed too much since high school. They live in Nanticoke.

I hope we're not boring all the BOR 77graduates with our talk of HTC - my apologies if we are. Feel free to jump in here at any time! Where did everybody else go?

After talking with several people who did not attend the reunion it seems the main reason for not attending was because they weren't into a formal type of atmosphere. Also said that if it was held at a grove they probably would have attended.

Took in my first pro-hockey game last night - P.Penguins vs. N.J. Devils here at our beautiful First Union Arena at Casey Plaza. I'm not sure if I can get into this hockey thing. Football is more my speed.

Enjoying the photo's of the other side of the country - it's truly beautiful - someday I hope to get out that way. My brother lives in CA - so I really don't have much of an excuse for not going.

Lee, I've been noticing the time on some of the postings from people on the weblog and some of them are 1:15 AM, 5:27 AM,3:21 and 3:15 AM etc. - do you people really stay up until those hours of the morning? - Are we on Mt.time? Pacific time? what's the deal - or is there no system to this?
Signing off - bye! Arlene - glad you joined us!

I started to feel left out reading about some of the teachers from Holy Trinity. They were some really strange times,
but they were good times. It's great to hear from Marylil and Homer. Since talking to Jay, I've been thinking a lot
about the schoolyard, playing cards on the concrete, running to my front porch when the cops would come by. You're
right Jay, it's a miracle we all turned out as normal as we are. And I agree with all of you, we are the best looking
class around. The pictures have been great, keep them coming. I only took about 6. By the time I use up the rest
of the film, it will probably be Christmas. So look for mine around then. I really want to thank everyone who came to
the reunion. It never would have been a success without you. I also want to say that I never really knew Karen, Chuck,
or Mike in school, but it was fun getting to know them better and a pleasure to work with them. They really are
3 great people! Thanks, guys! Jay, you were asking about some of the gang from our Holy Trinity class. I have to
tell you that I see Francis Cajka now and then. He works for a landscaper, Mark Stefanick. He still looks the same,
in every way, if you know what I mean. Lee, I, for one, can't wait for the cold weather. Having asthma, this summer
has been awful for me, as you well know. I will take the cold and snow anyday, and so will my kids.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Nice plane Lee! Looks like you can truly get a "rise" out of riding in that thing! The rainbows were awesome!

I love the weather in Colorado. This morning it was a bit chilly, perfect for sleeping, but it turned into a beautiful day right around 70 degrees and calm. Terri and I flew this crazy-looking plane over the Rockies and snapped a few pictures looking down on Estes Park and Boulder. It was a great flying day. The normally warm, dry weather out here can change quickly and it's not unusual to spot some double rainbows after a brief rain. Of course, we also have hail in the summer, so you wouldn't want to live here unless you appreciate extremes.

We got a tasty treat in the mail yesterday along with 26 photos from Karen. Did you know that you can restore Krispy Kreme donuts to their original soft, warm, sugary splendor by putting them in a microwave for 15 seconds? Well if you didn't, now you do!

It's finally gotten cooler here in Colorado and we've been soooo looking forward to it. If you need some motivation to get ready for the cooler weather, I'd suggest getting a hold of a Warren Miller video and you'll quickly find yourself looking forward to seeing the snow falling. Warren Miller has been making ski films for 50 years and I always enjoy the amazing photography, spectacular scenery, and his wry sense of humor. Even if you are not a skier and never intend to become one, a Warren Miller film will help you to better appreciate winter weather and scenery.

Friday, September 20, 2002

Ouch!!!!! That's what I get for taking French and Latin! Bien Gracias, Amigos! (hope that's right, or I quit!)

Hello again; Back reading again after a few days of illness-love those colds they can't cure!! I was wondering when someone would remember the antics of Miss Carr. I tell people today about some of the things we had to endure in Holy Trinity and they just don't believe it. Sometimes I think its a wonder we grew up normal ( for the most part). There's a few people I sometimes wonder about and what ever happened to them-Anthony Timonte for one, Francis Cjaika, Joe Jarski, Ann Marie Yatsko, Bob Sabatini and Heidi Krubitzer-does anyone know?
I hope to go to the fair on Sunday (Lil, looking for some free parking here!!!!) if I'm feeling better if not hopefully next week.Anyway-have a good weekend everyone-stay safe and don't do nothing I would'nt do!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace.

Rich, Jay got Beuno mixed up with Bien Amigo, which translates to "good friend".
I don't speak German, but I can hum a few bars.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Dearest Dill, Sorry about the mistaken identity. Also sorry to hear about your dad. That is certainly one lucky little, old man who was befriended by you. How wonderful to be adopted by caring, loving people as your family! As far as Miss Carr was concerned, what a year of entertainment we had! Knock-down, drag-out fights, to hanging Anthony Timonte out the window by his shoes! AHHH! the good old days... Great to hear from you, Dill! As my Beuno Amigo, Homer says: "Don't be a stranger!"

Jay, that was actually an older gentleman that I had befriended while waiting in the pancake line. I have this thing for "older men." I tend to adopt them the way some take in stray animals. Thank God my husband is very understanding. Actually my Dad passed away six years ago in October with cancer, and I did find a little old man in Bloomsburg to adopt as a surrogate Grandpa for my boys and to help me deal with my grief. He is 75 years old, never married and the last living member of his family. He has shared Thanksgiving, Xmas, birthdays, ball games....with our family. Ironically, he is in the end stages of cancer now, but he has a wonderful spirit. He was at the Penn State game last Saturday as he has been a season ticket holder for the last 40 years. I was thrilled PS won as I think it was his last game. Anyway, I think little old men are wonderful!!!! I do not remeber Sister Theresette reading that series to us ( as I was probably talking), but I do remeber having to write on the side blackboard "I must not talk in class" many times!!!!! I think I was a social creature from early on. How about Ms. Carr in third grade?? She was "lovely"!!!!?????

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Marylil, my mom said that she saw you at Holy Trinity's bazaar with your dad. I'm really sorry that I missed you. It would have been great to see you again. I think the last time was at Maltby's some 20 years ago. That was when my oldest son, Rory was almost a year old. My, how time flies... The reunion was great, but it would have been that much better had you been there! Trinity rules!!!!!!! By the way, does anyone remember when Sister Theresette read the Box Car Children to us in second grade?

I mentioned this before, but for all of you who are new to the blog, after you're satisfied with your posting, you need to hit the 'publish' button to get your posting to appear on the website. No problem, Marylil, you're in very good company. Many people have left postings for me to publish in the composing window.

I love the fact that the Holy Trinity people are contribuing at an 'above average' volume to the blog. If I didn't love you guys so much, I wouldn't have married one of you! I mentioned Sister Lucilla to Terri yesterday and I thought she was going to break into tears. She loved Sister Lucilla. I must admit that I loved many of the nuns at St. John's too. They genuinely seemed to care about us and how we turned out. I can only hope that they looking down from heaven and are proud of us. Does anyone from St. John's remember what a great story-teller Sister Bartholemew was? She'd tell this story about 'Fred and Joe' and she made it last throughout the whole year and it was absolutely captivating. We'd behave ourselves just so we could get another installment of that story. Someday, there will be a movie about 'Fred and Joe' and I'll bet that Steven Spielberg will give his eye teeth to direct it.

Yes, I was the one who was having blogging difficulties. Thanks for your help Lee. Talk about great tech support!!!! Rich, you asked where I am?? Sorry that I didn't respond sooner, but I was experiencing above mentioned blogging difficulties. I live in Bloomsburg with my husband of 14 years( yesterday was our anniversary) and our three boys(my three sons). The town is heavily preparing for the Fair which begins next week and it is crazy. Traffic and the grocery store are terrible and the children get a week off from school. Oh, I love the fair!!!!! My husband and I are going to see REO Speedwagon and 38 Special at the fair and that should be fun!! Talk about all those different foods--gyros, sausage sandwiches.... The pictures from the reunion look great. Everybody must have had a wonderful time. I know that we had fun at VP on Friday night. Well Lee, thanks again for the help and for keeping this afloat!!


Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I may just change the name of this to the Holy Trinity Weblog. Holy Trinity people sure are chatty, which is good, because that's what the blog is here for. I think that sometimes people get through the first posting to the blog and then don't realize how to access it a second time. On more than one occasion, people have had trouble when they tried to use the invitation URL address a second time. If you try to use it a second time, you get an error message telling you it's no longer active. This has happened several times so it's not an uncommon problem. To get into the blogger after you've successfully replied to the invitation, you need to go to and then log in using the username and password you chose for yourself. After that, you'll be able to post to this weblog.

My group picture from Bernie Walko arrived here in Colorado yesterday. It came out very nice despite the crease that the USPS put in it for me (fortunately outside the critical area where there were any people). There is indeed an glow about John Nardone, almost like a halo or aura. I am surrounded on all sides by beautiful women....what a lucky guy I am!

Monday, September 16, 2002

Dot, first lesson in Slovak 101... Translates to "Who is that? That is Blessed Mary." She's probably turning cartwheels in her grave in Danville! I can't belive she is still in the land of the living!

Guys; just wanted to echo the sentiment about the PSU game. Today in the paper they are advertising available seats for the Louisianna Tech game and the one after it. These were tickets that were sent back by the visiting schools-gonna try to get a couple and take Zach. He has'nt been there yet and its been a really long while since we were there so it ought to be alot of fun. Jay, we'll be waiting!!! and for you I'll have one of my famous triple Italian hoagies-a throw back from my working in a deli stage!!!!! and Jay-what the heck is the last sentence. All I remember about Sister Lucilla is waiting for her glass eye to fall out!!!and her pointer!!!

AAAAHHHHH..... Sister Lucilla........ Co ye to? To je Panna Maria. SAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fond memories.......

Dorothy, you haven't LIVED until you've had a spiedi... I'll try to bring some in when Margaret and I come a-callin'

y'all are making me hungry --but living here in Pittsburgh - all of the eastern ethnic foods are very available - and not just from the frozen food section (by the way , Mrs. T's is actually from Northeastern PA - I think outside of Hazleton - I went to Penn State with a couple of the kids - it is the Twardzik family). I echo Lee's enthusiasm for the Nits on Saturday night - what a great game (now if the Steelers could just start their season!). Lee - i talked to some people today who were in State College on Sat night - said it was the wildest (but controlled) the place has been for years -- the roads out of town were still clogged up at 3:00am.
Back to food - a "delicacy" type thing here is a "Pittsburgh Sandwich" - made famous by a place called Primanti Brothers - basically any kind of meat and cheese you want - but grilled and with coleslaw and fries on the sandwich (between the slices of bread) - started many many years ago in the warehouse district (called the strip district) by truck drivers who would throw sanwich, fries aand slaw all together in a bag and eat it one handed as they drove

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Marylil, I wish that I could tell you in SLOVAK how gald I am to hear from you, but I can't put that many consonants together at one time!

Hi Everyone, and welcome MaryLil. I spoke w/Mr. Walko today and if you haven't received your group picture yet, you should receive it in the next few days, he told me their all mailed out as of yesterday and I received my copy today, the picture looks great and in reference to Lee's quote, you're right, we are a beautiful class. I have to say this though in reference to the group photo, there's something really funny strange about it and I don't mean this in a derogatory way towards this person but in the last few postings before the reunion someone in particular was mentioned that he did a lot of scheming and pulled a lot of stunts, yes, it's you John Nardone and if you look closely at the picture what is so funky about it is that John Nardone appears to be the only one who unbelievably has this glow centered all around him and appears magic like, once you see it you'll know what I'm referring to, it appears also around Dave Kotarski but not centered like a glow around John Nardone, who knows, it's just a strange phonoemeon. Me personally, in my opinion John I would just take this as meaning that your life is changing for the better and/or better things are ahead, but then again I'm not a fortune teller. As I said previously I mean nothing derogatory John, it's just a point of interest and John if you didn't purchase a group photo, let me know and I'll try to get you a copy.

Ann Marie; to answer your question-yes I still cook ethnic -when I have to. I have an extremely picky eater for a son who up to a year ago would not eat any red meat-He has since graduated to steak and roasts but still won't eat much else. Oh, he will eat kielbossa-from Fetch's but he won't believe that its made of pork. We don't buy it to often-only for camping. George and I used to can alot-tomatoes-apple sauce and hot peppers. We even made sauerkraut for a while but it was really to much work-besides at .85 a can why would you want to bother? The best thing though is now Braces apples are ready. Theirs are the absolute best around and we usually make pies and turnovers from now to Thanksgiving. Its a good thing I have a big freezer!
He Lil-nice to hear from you-here's something that will make you smile-I found our 8th grade graduation picture the other day. The nuns did their job becaue in the picture we all looked like we would stay virgins forver!!!.
Finally, Jay, what the heck is a spiedie??????????????

Hi!. Wow! I feel like I've been gone forever - so many postings -which is great. Welcome, Marylil!!!!! Yes we do go back quite a ways.
Remember Sr.Lucilla, as she would stamp her foot to the time when we had to learn the Slovak songs for Mass. What memories.
Ok, for anyone interested I have receipes for all the foods mentioned below. Being a full fledged Slovak - Momma taught me well. Incidently, my mother teaches a Slovak Language Class in Wilkes-Barre -if anyone is interested. Growing up with my grandmother living with us (and she was born in Slovakia) I mastered the language fairly well. My mother and I can carry on a conversation and it drives my husband up the wall because he always thinks that we're talking about him. It's great to know a second language. My vote for the best ethnic food has to go to St. John's in Larksville. Even though I'm a Swoyervillian, I must admit their food is much better. This can be verified by Rose Vnukowski, she works at St. John's. Every year they sell out of haluski, for two years I've been trying to get a taste of this food. This year they sold out by 6:00 PM every night - the bazaar begins at 5:00 PM. Best place for kielbasa is a little store in Parson's on Kado street. "Leonard's Market." All they sell is kielbasa. Ann Marie, I would love some of your receipes. We've been to the islands a few times over the years and always try the native recipies. I think we all pretty much evny you living on an island. Some day I will retire to one. I'm not a great lover of the winter as a matter of fact I dread that fall is starting. It's partially due to the fact that I have many sad memories in the fall, the death of my father, and both in-law's. It's just not a good time of year for me. Getting back to food: a quick way to make piggies "halupki" instead of taking the time to make each one individually - coarsly shred your cabbage, mix the meat as you would normally, and layer this in a baking pan starting with the cabbage. Pour your sauce over the top and bake til finished - you can even do this in the crock pot. All this talk of food is great but what it does to your figure????? Well gotta go - today's our wedding anniversary - (23 yrs) I guess I should spend some time with hubby! Bye!

Did everyone receive their pictues from the reunion?

Hi everyone!!!!

I've been enjoying the weblog for quite a while and finally asked Lee how to sign on and join in the fun. Reading some of the things about Slovak and the foods brings back huge memories. I was a little Irish girl who attended a Slovak school and spent eight years studying their great language. Ah yes, bless sister Lucilla and her pitch pipe and Tansui Tansui (spelling). She used to really get into the Slovak music!!!!! Jay, Homer, Dot, Helen......we not only go back 25 years, but many more. Jay I ran into your mom selling potato pancakes at the festival the year before last. She knew who I was???? That's scary!!! Ann Marie--I've been to your lovely island on vacation and it is beautiful!! I envy you, but I also know that there is no place like home. I must leave for now to get my boys from Sunday school, but I'll be around. God bless-- Marylil

Alright, I know it's been a while since I posted, but here goes, all this talk about slovak/polish foods are making me hungry, can't wait until bazaar season next year :), anyway, why wait, why can't some of us, if not all, make a date to all meet A.M. & Rich in Tampa for a day for Lunch, I know Lee can fly down w/Terri and I'm not afraid to fly on a plane, maybe we can even get Jay to bring his guitar and meet for lunch, the rules are, someone is to bring some type of food for someone that they can't get at home, for example, poppyseed roll/kielbasi/VP pizza for A.M., pierogies for Lee/Terri, Jerk Chicken for Rich, now there's a fun-filled Xmas, I'm willing, anyone else, someone has to make the plan (meaning date and time), that way A.M and Rich will kind of have a mini reunion and who knows maybe someone who doesn't submit to the weblog would want to go along, sounds like a fun say afternoon, ya never know. If someone plans it I'll go, count me in. I hear that VP Pizza calling your name A.M. Any other takers?????

Saturday, September 14, 2002

Wow, what a game! Penn State beat the Cornhuskers 40-7! It was the biggest defeat they've suffered in 114 games and it was at the hands of our beloved Nittany Lions. I have bragging rights for another year! It's amazing to me that JoePa is doing this at age 75. I only hope I can pursue my avocation with as much passion and vigor as Joe does when I'm his age.

Ann Marie, your posting made me laugh. Terri has a love-hate relationship with eastern European food. For instance, she won't touch halushki and piggies make her sick. We have never ever in our 17-year of marriage had piggies. I think Terri would divorce me if I made them. Some things are just not negotiable. She likes Italian food, especially authentic Italian food like you get in Italy. I think she must have spent a few favorable incarnations there. Her mother is a great cook loves to make Slovak food. My own mother arrived in this country on the Queen Mary in 1953 from Ireland. The Irish have many great qualities, but their cuisine isn't one of them. Fortunately, my mom was able to adapt and pick up the cooking skills of the Slovak/Italian imigrants or I might have otherwise starved because I have little appetite for corned beef and cabbage and pototoes.

Hey Dorothy, thanks for reminding us that Penn State was playing! The are beating Nebraska 13-7 at half time and I'm watching them as I write this. I'm a Penn Stater as are several other of our classmates and watching Penn State football really takes me back. I'm surrounded by Nebraska fans so I sure hope the Nittany Lions win. By the way, do you know what the 'N' stands for on the Nebraska helmets? It stands for 'Nowledge' .

I'm sure that Zach will appreciate your letting him play football. I don't think that football is any more dangerous than bicyling or skateboarding and it's just part of growing up and you can't protect kids from that. Well, gotta get back to the game, GO LIONS!

Hey it sounds like Rich and I are the only ones keeping up the traditions of our ancestors. Rich I made piggies for a beach party one Sunday. The cultures were mixed. It was comprised of English (UK), Scots, French, West Indians and of course the 3 Americans.(My boys and I). Those piggies went like mad. (The foreigners especially the French and West Indians usually snub anything with ground beef. I mix my ground beef with ground pork. It turns out really good.) My youngest sons friends always want to come over our house for dinner because I make foods that they have never dreamed of let alone heard of. I even make Phili cheese steaks. You should see how these West Indian guys go for them. Baked ziti is another fav. They make dishes here like mac and cheese, bar-b-que chicken, bar-b-que pig tails etc. They also eat dishes like green fig (green bananas) with chicken backs in a coconut sauce. I make a killer mac and cheese. Once you taste it you'll never make our normal mac and cheese again. Dorothy, don't you make all these great foods??? Lee, didn't Terri learn from her mother? Lee, eating Mrs T's is sacreligious. I'm sure Sister Heloise is going to come after you with her pointer. *laughter* When our girls come home the first foods they ask for are piggies, halushki, pierogies and baked ziti or lasanga. Roast beef our way (American), then they hit the West Indian foods.

Rich we are coming home about the 18th of Dec and leaving on the 5th of Jan. It would thrill my boys and my husband to be able to be in any seats at the Bucs game. Like I said, when we first moved to Florida, we lived in New Port Richey. Not a great place, but surburban enough along with being close to Tampa. We have been great Bucs fans since. I am a bit annoyed since they let Tony Dungey go. I wasn't impressed with the one huge pre-season loss. But we'll see how they turn out this season.

I'll be coming down to Tampa to see a good friend. I would love to be able to meet up with you. And I would be most grateful to get any tickets to the game on the 23rd of Dec. It's the only Bucs home game playing during the time we will be home.

My parents spoke Lithuiaian. I can only remember a few words. Of course you can all imagine what I can remember.

Rich it appears we will need to organize a Eastern European food reunion with cooking demos and classes for all and sundry who don't make our ethnic foods! I have been looking around for some recipies for kielbossi. My husband has never tasted fresh kielbossi. Or homemade horseradish with red beets. If I could grow horseradish here I would. I'm hoping to get a root for when I arrive in Orlando and I am going to get everyone involved in grating it and learning how to do it. My girls already know how to make halushki, pierogies etc. We still follow the 7 dishes on the table with no meat for Christmas Eve. My daughters and I make the pierogies either a few days before or fresh Christmas Eve morning. It is a great tradition and they can now pass on the recipies to their children.

I also make nutroll. I can't make poppyseed because I can't get it here. And Italian cookies. Again, when I make nutroll or Italian cookies, my husband can't keep his hands off of them. I always end up making one loaf of nutroll for him to eat that night. He even happily grinds the walnuts and grates fresh coconut for me. It turns out superb.

If any of you want recipies for any of these foods email me and I will send them. I may even be enticed to video tape or web cam a class.

Jay you forgot to include a stop at your home for spiedies!

Ethnic party at Dottie and George's House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then a spin to the West Indies for Ann Marie's burgers and jerk chicken, topped off in Homer's deluxe box at the Bucs' game. the stuff dreams are made of !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys; I just got back from Marianacci's, we had dinner after church-keeping with the food theme, I had ziti, Zach had fettuccini and George-garlic chicken ( can you guess who is sleeping alone tonight?) I do agree with the fact that the best Slovak food anywhere is in the valley. This year our church did a pieroggi fund raiser and being the "church lady" I got volunteered. It has been a long time since I made them-its alot of fun but also alot of work. George and I make our own potato pancakes and zucchini pancakes-they are the best-much better than you would get at a bazaar. If you're nice-I'll ship UPS!!!!!! Speaking of piggies-the secret to great piggies is beer Recipe will follow at another time.
Speaking of football-Zachary has annouced that he wants to play next year-you know what I say? What does'nt kill you makes you stronger. I guess I'm just being a mom-any thoughts? Well, Penn State is on in 15minutes-GO NITTANTY LIONS!!!

Thanks Ann Marie, for making me hungry for all the food that I can't get out here either !! Terri's family has some fine eastern European roots on both sides and so each holiday they have an abundance of foods like pierogies, keilbasa, halushki and the many other unique dishes you just can't find anywhere else. I acquired an appreciation for pierogies at St. John's, the Slovak church and school in Luzerne. We actually had Slovak language classes, come to think of it. And then, there's always my connection to my eastern European heritage. We had these little old ladies come in to make peirogies for lunch on Fridays in lent which were absolutely the best I've ever had. I'm sure other members of our class would agree. Out here in Colorado, you can only get Mrs. T's peirogies, which aren't bad, but don't seem to have all the ingredients that the little old ladies put in their peirogies.

Jay, thanks for your generous offer to send me the spiedi sauce. After doing a little reading about it on the Internet, and of course after your personal description, there's a very high probability I'll love it. I'm just hoping it doesn't result in an addiction or I'll be looking for a spiedi dealer!

As for football, I have to be a Broncos fan. They practice here in Greeley and I'm pretty sure you can get deported from Colorado for rooting for any other team. And of course, I didn't have to wait an entire lifetime for them to win a Superbowl, two of them back-to-back. I even got to sit next to Ed McCaffrey, the Bronco's wide receiver, last year on a plane. McCafferey is a graduate of Central Catholic High School in Allentown, PA.

Friday, September 13, 2002

Lee, I thought you had fallen off the blog there for awhile. Glad to see you're still here and doing well. It sounds like Karen had the best solution to the name tags. Karen, your ingenuity for this reunion was spot on. As I looked through the pictures, it was great to see some of the people. Lee you are very right when you say many classmates got more beautiful through the years. I would have never recognized Sandy M., without having a name to a picture.

Jay, again it is a small world. Sandy has sent us spiedi sauces and skewers with a detailed recipie how to use them. We loved the sampler she sent us. She was telling me about the spiedi fest. It sounds a fun weekend. Her and her family goes every year.

Okay, *rubbing my hands together here* recipies are my speciality. Living abroad I have brought a lot of American b-b-que and marinade recipies over to other countries. And of course learned new ones. I make the best West Indian bar-b-ques on the island and West Indian style cooking. On any given weekend you will find loads of people at our home or a gathering at the beach where good music, food, and company are flowing. I've become infamous for the best burgers on the island and the best jerk chicken, pork, beef and lamb. You should see how the locals here dish up halushki and pireodgi!*spelling???* You'd think I made them the best meal on earth. The closest we get to kielbossi is Hillshire Farms brand. When I first bought it my husband looked at it very strangely. When he tasted it I knew he had hidden somewhere inside of him some eastern european blood. He eats it like mad! The only way you won't find it in the house is if the stores don't have any. We keep on telling him wait until he tastes the kielbossi made locally in the Valley. Between American football and kielbossi, he will want to stay and live there! *laughter* I neve thought I would become a football widow to American football, with a West Indian husband. West Indians LOVE cricket which I find BORING and of course soccer, which I LOVE.

We're coming home for Christmas, (home being the US). I have a close friend who lives in Tampa and has season tickets to the Bucs. The guys are going to the Monday night football game on the 23rd. Pittsburgh at the Bucs. My husband has been dancing around the house since we confirmed they got the tickets. *laughter* Out teams are the Bucs but of course first and always the Eagles. This year I expect the Eagles to finally take the SB.

Jay, I'll get your address and arrange a package of jerk seasoning and other spices with some recipies to be sent to you. Trust me, if you love spiedi, you'll love these.

If anyone out there has a need for music for a special anniversary Mass or something of that nature, I'd be glad to bring my guitar and play if I can get there and back reasonably. I am "at your service, so to speak".

Lee I thought the connection to Mr Rogers and Mr Mc Feelie would be appreciated!

Lee... There will be a spiedi (spelling is not wrong) delivery coming to you soon. After sampling this New York delicacy, Maybe we can plan a spiedi fest of our own for the next reunion. Better yet, we could get as many local (Tri-state area, or those brave enough to come a great distance) alumni to come to a gathering at a time and date to be detrmined at a later date. We could even trade recipes on line. Oh the possibilities! You are and always will be my good friends!

Thursday, September 12, 2002

I wanted to let those who missed the reunion know that Karen put together these wonderful buttons for all the attendees at the reunion. If you got really confused about who you were talking to, all you had to do was look down at their lapel and read the name off the button! In reality, not all of our classmates were wearing their buttons and a few of them came up to me and said, "Lee, can you tell people to put on their buttons?" I guess people didn't want to be embarrassed about not being able to figure out who was who, since many classmates had gotten even more beautiful in the last 25 years and it was a bit of a challenge to remember names!

Jay, No, I love you man... WOW, all I can say is that you people are so kind in sharing all your thoughts about 9/11 and feelings about our lost classmates. I was on a plane yesterday from LAX to DEN and it was nearly empty and the carrier was so grateful that we had the courage to travel on the anniversary of that date. It wasn't as if we had a choice.

I hope that this friendly banter will continue until we meet again in 5 years! Come to think of it, 5 years is a long time so it would be great if you would share your experience in meeting up with classmates in the meantime. If you come in contact with another bor77 graduate, please tell us about it since it's always an experience we'd like to share.

Jay - thanks for the thoughts - I know the Haas hymn well - it was played at my Dad's funeral and to this day just seeing the name brings tears to my eyes! It was a special, somber day yesterday. We will make sure the kids are ready for Grandpa Jay next summer!

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I'm really beginning to miss Mary Beth, Pugslie,Mike,G,Sharon, and Billy right now... It really hits home. I played for a service at my church tonight, where we have two families who lost someone on 9/11. I couldn't get through the opening hymn, You Are Mine by David Haas (help me, church people) without filling up and having tears stream down my face. I watched the towers fall on TV last year and held up reasonably well, but today just did it to me. Sorry about the rapid-fire e-mails Doc. This is a special circumstance, my good friend. I look forward to winding your kids up to umsurmountable heights before I leave for Cinci after visiting you this coming summer. You are my good friend. I promise to never end an e-mail without telling you ALL that from today forward.

I guess that I'm going to be the brave one here, and say that I truly Love each and every one of you. I'm only sorry that it took me 25 years to realize it. Thank God none of us were "there" on that fateful day. You will ALL always be my friends.

Just to let everyone know, I have pretty much have exhausted my supply
of the pictures I have of the reunion.
Thank to Lee for getting them all posted. I hope you all have enjoyed them.
Blessings to all on the day of 9/11, I am certainly thankful for life and family.

I guess I'm with Dorothy. Today, just going through the motions and trying to understand. It all still doesn't seem real. Today is a day when words can't quite convey our thoughts and feelings - so to be brief - hug your kids - tell them you love them. Kiss your spouse, call your parents, call a friend - just to say "hi", and say a prayer for the ones who today must remember a loved one who is no longer with them. May you all have peace in your hearts.

To everyone today, I wish you peace. Watching the tv today put me in a funk all over again. I said a prayer for everyone who lost a loved one and went to work and lit a candle for my own family. I'm thinking of my father today who gave the US army 26 years of his life. I thought about him fighting in two wars and bringing home the dead to be buried by their loved ones. I thought about what he would think about all of this today. I do thank God for the friendships that have been mine over these years and the special people who have influenced me. I don't think about grudges any more and the people who have hurt me-it really takes up to much of my time. God really does have a way of sorting all that out. So today, my wish for all of you is to go out and tell those who mean something to you that you love them-give them a hug or just a smile and be thankful that they are still there with you. Be proud of your children and yourselves for coming this far and for the gift of that sunshine in the morning
Love to all-Dottie

So far, today has been a day of reflection for me. My sons and I are proudly wearing red, white and blue ribbons/flag pins. Last year at this time I kept watching the TV in horror as the planes were shown hitting the towers over and over.

I was flying out of Orlando that day on an AA flight. I remember George Jr. being in south FL that morning. I remember spending those last precious moments with my daughter Amy. We never turned the TV or radio on that morning. We quietly had coffee and tea together relishing the time--wishing it wouldn't end...hating the moment about 9:30ish when we left the apartment to head to the airport before we said our last goodbyes for a few months again.

I thank God that today I am able to speak with her. I thank God that the plane I was on was not one ear marked by the highjackers. I thank God that I can wake up this morning and experience a new day.

I thank God that He has put a lot of us back in contact together. I'm with Jay, my years at home were good ones. It's helped develop me into the person I am today. Home is where a solid base of morals and standards were has made all the difference in my life.

Rich, sorry to hear about all the troubles. We get the Miami stations here so we are up on all the happenings there. It could be worse Rich. Janet Reno could be dancing in your front yard this morning! *laughter* Oops...did you vote for her?

God bless America and God bless all of you today and always.

On a serious note, I'm going to take a moment today to remember how precious life really is in this place in time where God has decided to put us. I also thank him for all of you. We WERE a special class of people, and we've turned out pretty well. This reunion has been a spiritual rebirth for me. It really made realize that all of my years at home were good ones, and it's from knowing people such as yourselves that I've become a pretty decent human being. Thank you ALL for being my friends.

Wow H-man, Looks like your tax dollars are really working (or hardly working) for you! Ain't it great?

Sunday, September 08, 2002

I was just going through the attendee list to see how many people attended the reunion events and it appears we had 55 class members at the various events. Along with the teachers and guests, I'd estimate there were at least 90 people at the dinner/dance (although I'm sure Karen and Arlene know the exact number). I also added a column in the attendee list for those who came to events other than the dinner/dance. Victory Pig had a very good turn out with 23 class members and some had their families with them so I'd estimate that well over 50 people arrived throughout the night.

Pete Cusick was sighted in two bars (The Buffalo Lounge and Kester's) but could not be persuaded to attend any reunion events despite some heavy duty arm-twisting. Goose was all paid up and ready to go and we had a late night with him on Friday, but he seemed ambivalent about the dinner/dance. I exchanged some email with him after the reunion and he told me he was running late with too many things to do so he skipped out on the dinner/dance. We thought he might have gotten arrested, but that wasn't the case.

Paul McAndrew continues to send me photos a few at a time, so if you haven't checked out the reunion photo section lately, go ahead because there are probably a few new photos in Paul's section you haven't seen yet. We have over 50 photos so far and I hope to get more from all of you as you get them back from the developer.

As the reunion wound down, there was some discussion about a 30th reunion and Tom Crossin graciously volunteered to host it at his house. I haven't been able to confirm he really wants to do this, but in any event, several people suggested that we should experiment with a new type of gathering, and if we can't have it at Tom's house, then perhaps we can do an all day event at a grove. Mike Laton asked me to put up a survey on the website to gather input for the next reunion to measure interest and check preferences and I will do something like that as soon as we figure out what questions to ask.

Just a note to let everyone know BOR won their Football game on Friday Night, 41-0 against Bishop O'Hara, it was an awesome game. I try to make at least one football game a year, glad it was this one.

Friday, September 06, 2002

I'd like to thank Joe Petrasek, Paul McAndrew, and Jay Tobias for sending me pictures from their digital cameras. I'm up to 47 pictures posted on the reunion photos page and I expect that before long, I'll have over a hundred. There's also a link on that page to the Awards handed out at the reunion, for those of you who are curious. For those of you with film cameras, please consider making dual prints and send me a set (my mailing address is given in the email list) and I'll scan them and put them on the website. If you have a scanner, you can do it yourself and then email them to me.

I also wanted to thank Karen for the excellent job she did on the Memory Book. It's absolutely fabulous. It contains lots of pictures, much more than the website memory pages, and has some interesting information from our senior yearbook. There were times when we didn't know how it would all come together, but everyone who looked at it was duly impressed. I saw many people with their heads stuck in it throughout the reunion as if they just couldn't put it down. Great job, Karen!

Karen, geez of all people I didn't forget you. You look great too! It was so good to be able to see everyone! Keep writing Karen!

Helen and Dorothy, it sounds and looks like you two were having a lot of fun. You both look great in the pics! Life has been good to botH of you. Jeepers, how could Mary of all people not remember faces. As I was scrolling through the senior pics, I realized how many people I forgot about...and not intentionally. What fun it must have been to be able to try and recoginize faces with names and do all the catching up. Helen, I'm with you, for the 30th I would love to have an all day affair. I haven't been to a clam bake in over 10 years. It would be great for all of us and our families.

I can also imagine what a stir you all caused at VP. You know we are one of the few HS classes I know that does everything with style and p'nash.

Jay it is refreshing to listen to the love that flows from you. We could use a lot more people in the world like you.

Rich, the BM recipie sounds good. Lee, I am going to be a pain. I don't want recipies right that for later. I would love more pictures and love to hear more about the weekend!

Thursday, September 05, 2002

Helen, the champagne is holding up well. Ann Marie... I got to see Rose. A lot of hugs and tears. Bee must have thought that we were nuts at the Mass, but... What the heck! We are! If we did more hugging and crying, and laughing the world would be a much better place. I think that all of you guys are the best. Helen, I would really like to do a FREE concert of my religious music at your church somwtime.

What a surprise, everyone had a great time, and to think I was debating whether or not to start to even plan a reunion, looks like everything worked out at the end and I’m really pleased, my head is still spinning, no not from drinking, I hardly had anything to drink the night of the reunion, mostly soda, my head is spinning from all the compliments our committee received and we’re really glad everyone had a good time and wants to have another reunion 5 years from now, like I said earlier, it is in the talking stages, Tom Crossin, don’t know if he was serious or just intoxicated, but he was talking about having the 30th in his backyard, he said he would fully fund it, it would consist of beer/soda/pizza, what else would you need, the company is the best part anyway, come to think of it, I wonder if Joe Petrasek’s wife was able to buy her car from Tom, he said he would juggle some figures together and work something out for Rosemary. In regards to planning the 30th, in case Tom wasn’t serious, I thought about expanding the committee as Arlene is half and half about being part of the committee the next time around as she has too many commitments already, why don’t we plan something less expensive, maybe more would show, something casual and make the planning committee an internet one, with everyone involved, Lee and I can keep the notes about what is being planned, that way, everyone is involved. Lee, I love the pics and I just wanted to let everyone know that Bob will be picking up his jacket from Mark Hession this Friday, Mark accidentally took it thinking it belonged to someone else, what a nice guy, and heard through our site that it belonged to Bobby, so all’s well that ends well.

I can't believe it. Homer posts the perfect recipe for Bloody Marys and then I log in today and it's gone. Sorry Rich, if the blogger ate your posting, or maybe it was a figment of my imagination. Anyway, please post it again so I can make up a permanent link to it. In the meantime, I'll have to post my famous margarita recipe. The margarita is an essential ingredient in the channeling of Sister Heloise.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

No, Ann Marie, I didn't leave town, just trying to recover over the past several days from a wonderful Sat. nite (hangover). I would also like to compliment the committee on a job well done! It was really great to see everyone. It is a shame though, that more people didn't come to the dinner. Guessing who everyone was seemed to be the event of the night. Mary Kosin (Pappas)'s favorite line (with memory book in hand for research) "Who's that?" Some of the faces changed, some were almost the same, and then some we just stood there and said," Was she/he in our class?" Sandy Mihalek (spelling?) had us all fooled! (Pictures are needed for a visual.) Janine Carey & significant other dazzled us with their dancing abilities. Sorry Ann Marie, the names you mentioned were not in attendance. Sorry I missed the VP episode - sounds like everyone had a good time. I vote for our #30 that we do a more informal all-day event - possibly at a grove so that we have more time to socialize with everyone. I felt like I needed another 30 hours to be able to talk to everyone. It was all too short a time to catch up on the last 14 years and for some 25.

For those who ordered pictures - I spoke to Bernie Walko this morning. He said the group pictures should be ready next week and then he and his wife will address them and mail them out. So within the next 2-3 weeks we should have the pictures in hand. He also informed me that he was deeply honored to be called to take the group picture. We were the first class to ever ask him to their reunion.

Jay, how's the champagne holding up? Any left?

Wasn't Kester's the bar in Luzerne that we used to frequent back in 1977?

Dottie's right, the pizza was still greasy and the beer was nice and cold at Victory Pig. We had a great time at VP although we freaked our waitress and the rest of the patrons out by having what I can only describe as a 'cocktail party' atmosphere where we refused to sit down. Our waitress had a beer and became much calmer as the night went on. Ted Healy charmed the owner as well so they never kicked us out.

Tim Wallo relayed a story about how his dad used to bring his family there every Wednesday night and he remembered when pizza was 10 cents/slice! It has gone up considerably and now sells for the princely sum of $1.20/slice and you can double that cost if you get 'all' the toppings, i.e., mushrooms, pepperoni, and broccoli. That's it, nothing else, just those three. Not too many people left to go to play mini golf, for fear they'd miss out on something. It was as if everyone wanted to stay in the company of everyone else. Later, we left for a bar on Main Street in Luzerne called the Buffalo Lounge which was very nice. We ran into Rick Leandri and Pete Cusick there. Then, before 2 a.m. we sought the safe harbor of a bar that wouldn't kick us out so we headed over to Kester's. I headed home at around 3:30 and there were still some people there when I left. I understand John Jancuska finally made it to bed around 6 a.m. and still somehow managed to get to the picnic later that morning .

OK, there are now 16 pictures of the reunion and I'm going to do a few more tonight so staty tuned...

When my kids tasted the pizza - they questioned "Daddy, is it really pizza?" - fortunately, VP makes cheeseburgers! The beer was cold - but the glasses were so small! As for coming across the State with four young kids (and a dog) - we have conditioned them - they all could go about 5 hours without stopping (trip takes us about 4:15 without a lunch break). I think one of the nice things about the reunion (dinner particularly) was how nicely all the folks blended together - the tables people sat at all seemed to be mixed up (in terms of who I remember hanging together 25 years ago).

Richard; Don't be that way-we still love ya even if you would'nt use some of those millions you're making in Florida and spring for an airplane ticket to come and see us. Ask about anything you want to know and hopefully I can remember and tell you-as for the pizza it was greasy and the beer was cold!!!-I was told!!! Nothing at the Pig will ever change!

Ann Marie; I'm here. Today I'm getting back from a teacher conference for Zachary's advanced history class. The reunion was wonderful and we really had a great time. All the girls you mentioned were not there but it was great to see everyone that was. Ted Healy kept us laughing all night and I was Mary Pappas'official who's that person. There was only one person I couldn't recognize and I'm sure that went for everyone in the room. Otherwise everyone looks almost exactly the same. We met Theresa Zuba and her hus. and (4) kids at Rich's on Friday-she said to tell everyone hello. I think Rich Ceccolli can take a vacation to the islands on what was spent by all of us on Friday night!!!!!!!!!!. Money well spent. I am also anxious to see the pictures that everyone will be sending in since I forgot my camera that night. Maybe Zachary can help me print them out. Just a note to everyone out there-I was speaking to my boss Father Rafferty today-we got on the subject of the nuns at O'Reilly. He wanted to know the name of the nun (Sister Bertilla) that always spoke into the thermostat and about the class that drove her crazy. I guess we really are all infamous!!!!!

Okay Lee, you do realize that just a small amount of pics is a tease. More, more please! I've been enjoying seeing the pics of everyone. (I also know how much time the site takes so I will be patient.) It's been great hearing what a wonderful time you all had.

Dorothy and Helen where are you? I want to hear about the great time you two had.

Rob, you do realize you should have won the award for most daring person. I was thinking about it the other day how you and your wife traveled across the state with 4 young children. You must have some stories about the trip to and from. *laughter*

Did Jack and Marisue Kamus go to the reunion? Jay, did you see Rose? How about Chrissy Zambito and Cindy Toole? Kathy Wincowski???

The username for the email address list is [please email me for the user/password]. I keep it password-protected to keep it from the prying eyes of spambots....

Lee- what is the user name and password i should use to get to the email list? Rob

I'm back in Colorado now. I just got some pictures from Paul McAndrew and hastily put together what I suspect will be the beginning of a very large photo archive. I saw a lot of digital cameras at the reunion and so please send me your pictures at my address you'll find in the email list. Here's a hint: It is 'my name' My hotmail address is limited in size and if you try to send me a whopper of a file, it will bounce.

I'd also like to recognize Bee's hugging prowess. With her hug she transfers her incredible enthusiasm and it feels great! Thanks Bee for doing the honors of being our public speaker. I know that she did that on very short notice (short, as in, being asked after she arrived at the reunion!) and did a wonderful job at it.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

God! Can anyone tell what time it is? My spelling tells me it's time for nrf!....

I think tha Bee Harris-Darrow is the greatest hugger in the whole wide world. Mick and I are both probably proud to be the exclusive members of the I Got Beaten By Bee Harris For A Clas Office club (IGBBBHFACO). I couldn't have wanted it any other way. To tell you the truth Bee, I got to thinking about it after a while and decided to vote for YOU! You really wrere the better person for the job. You really showed a lot of class in your victory. I never would ahve thought anything less. Love to you and the family. I'll be waiting for a hug at the 30th.

I'll throw my hat in as well to say what a great time I had and it was evident
that everyone else had as well. It really It is amazing the connections and re-connections made -
plus you really find what a small world it is.
It made me remember how proud I am to be part of the Class of '77. Thank you.
Nice to see you all again - Good Friends.....looking forward to # 30.

Hats off to the reunion committee for a wonderful time Saturday evening! My wife Patti had just as much fun as I did. We knew there'd be a few faces she'd recognize, but as the night went on she ran into a few more from her College Misericordia days. It's a shame the evening went by so quickly. Now I'm regretting not getting to Sunday's mass for one last farewell. The CD is a matter of fact, our eldest, Matt, enjoyed it as much as we did. Lee, thanks for offering to keep this puppy up and running. I'm sure as long as it's here it will be put to good use. Hey Grandpa Tobias, I'm with you as far as looking forward to the 30th.

My thanks to all who planned the great weekend - especially Arlene, Karen and Lee - it was all wonderful. We enjoyed the CD on the ride back to Pittsburgh yesterday - the kids got thirsty - but we did not break down and let them sip champagne. My only disappointment was that more people did not attend one of the functions - and Ann Marie - for the 9 kids who came to the picnic - I think 100 water balloons was just right!

Monday, September 02, 2002

I just wanted to say that the whole committee did a great job of putting us all back in touch with each other. Boy! Is my grandson gonna be impressed with all of the attention that you gave him on Saturday evening! That is, at least, when he gets older. It was really great to see you all. I never realized how much I missed you all until I saw you again. I don't think I'll ever forget any of you. Can't wait for the 30th! Go, you crazy Queensmen and Queenswomen, wherever you are!

Well guys from Karen's post it sounds like the reunion was a big success. I'm very happy in one way (that all of you enjoyed it so much) and sad in the other (because I was not there!). And Jay to answer your question, yes I love my classmates. How could anyone not love the class of '77!
So c'mon everyone, tell me about all the fun that was had! Karen started it and I am eager to hear others stories.
Hey Doc, tell me how much fun was it with 100 water balloons???!!!!!

The Class of 1977 25th Reunion festivities are now concluded and at this time the committee and myself would like to thank anyone who helped in any way to make our reunion the success that it was. For those who really could not make it but really wanted to be there, especially A.M. Tribendis and Dave Serhan as well as L. Canfield, just to name a few, you were truly missed, but good news, plans are already underway for a 30th class reunion, so we hope your plans can change and you’ll make that reunion. For those who just didn’t want to go, that’s too bad, you really missed out, you missed Victory Pig and the waitress being a bit overwhelmed and asking us constantly to sit down, you missed playing miniature golf as well, you also missed out on the picnic that Doc had set up at Hamilton Park in Kingston, only a few families showed, but Doc, as usual, was ready with 100 water balloons, you importantly missed being in our group picture and having had it taken by Mr. Walko, and once he was done with the picture the music of “Welcome Back” came on from the famous Welcome Back Kotter show, you also missed hearing Mr. Lynch tell us at the Reunion itself that we’re a special class, a close knit tight class, you also missed Mr. Lynch tell us that he has only had 3 classes that he really recalls, but has only gone to our class reunion as well as hearing him tell us that the other invited teachers and spouses, Mrs. Obuhosky, Mr. Slusser, Mr. Uter and Mr. Walko have never been to other class reunions, only ours. You also missed the front table winning most of the prizes, a bottle of champagne, some of them even winning two bottles and Mary Pappas Kosin asking who was their designated driver, you missed Ralph Marsh being Gene Simmons of KISS, you missed getting one of Lee’s CD’s, and it’s awesome, you missed Jay Tobias getting a lot of attention that evening, afterall, he is our 1st. Grandpa, I really think we should have given him a bottle of aspirin instead of the Champagne, you missed Bee Harris being the life of the party, especially being our class representation for the evening, you missed the day after at the Mass for the deceased when Lee Devlin and Brian Judge had the honor of bringing up the gifts to represent our class, you missed Mr. & Mrs. George attending our after Church Social and telling us how she knew Paul would have been there if he was alive, you also missed Mrs. Kuhar and her family tell us about Sharon and how she did Sign Language, but most of all you missed the hello’s and goodbye’s, and most importantly you missed the fun and the laughter we all shared. We the committee tried to make the reunion a weekend of fun, it went from a somewhat high cost of $50.00 for the reunion itself to no cost which consisted of the social after mass, we even had a few family functions where the kids were invited, so it was a mix for the entire weekend, so unless you had something pressing such as L. Canfield, or a few others, there was no excuse, but you can redeem yourself, there’s always more reunions. Thanks for all that came, we really did have a great time, no one seemed to want to leave. I know there is just so much more that needs to be said and I know I’ve missed a few things here and there but maybe someone else will refresh my memory, I know that those pics that Lee promises to put up on this site soon will definitely help.

Sunday, September 01, 2002

I just wanted to post a quick note of thanks to the reunion committee members on the great job they did in planning and organizing the reunion. Everyone I talked with had a great time and it you could tell it was a labor of love that really came through in all the little details they took care of in the last 18 months. I did appreciate the fuss many of you made over the website, but the website pales in comparison to the reunion events that took place over the past few days.

I plan to put up a lot of pictures and a few stories for those who could not attend on the details of the events and hope that others jump in here too to share their thoughts and feelings.

I also wanted to check to see if anyone accidentally took home a gray sports coat from the back of a chair. It belonged to Bob Leonardi and although he's eager to get it back, Karen is even more eager to retrieve a roll of film that was in the pocket! Please contact Karen if you somehow ended up with an extra sports coat.